LibDems Choose London Mayoral Candidate, No One Cares

Apparently the Liberal Democrats have chosen Rob Blackie as their candidate for London Mayor. The hotly-contested race saw the 50-year old digital marketer defeat someone called Chris French, who is also standing for the London Assembly. Blackie was shortlisted for the candidacy previously, only to lose out. This time he’s just about managed it.

Blackie told the BBC after his barnstorming win:

“The Liberal Democrats have a bold alternative plan; I have worked on climate change my entire life and I believe it’s important we take action. Sadiq Khan has been asleep on the job and the Conservatives have been discredited due to their failure to address the cost-of-living crisis.”

The LibDems got 4.4% of the first round vote in 2021. Even the Greens beat them. Next year’s election will be first past the post – good luck, Rob…

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Lib Dem ‘Delighted’ To Artificially Lose Election For Sake Of Diversity

The Liberal Democrats have been selecting their candidates for 2020’s London Assembly and Mayoral elections, and one candidate is delighted with the results announced this week.

Rob Blackie came second in the election, but because the Lib Dems have a complicated system of both second preference redistribution and diversity handicaps/quotas, white male Rob got bumped down from second place on the list to sixth – which he is apparently “delighted” with…

“I got the 2nd highest number of 1st preference votes for the London Assembly, but after transfers (ie people’s second preferences) and adjustments to make sure we have a list that reflects London’s diversity, I was placed sixth.

I’ve campaigned for a more diverse political system for 20 years – so I’m delighted that these rules apply (even to me!)”

Can you get any more Lib Dem than this?

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