The Big Big Ben Brexit Bong Bung Bonanza

The biggest issue of our day continues to drag on – whether Big Ben will bong for Brexit. Despite Boris promising the Government was looking at a way for people to bung a bob for a Big Ben bong, it took StandUp4Brexit to launch an official crowdfunder last night, which in 14 hours has raised £47,000 from 3,300 people – £1,000 of which came from Mark Francois. Only £450,000 to go…

Unfortunately for those 3,300 people, it looks like a new hurdle has been put up, as Commons officials have said they will refuse any public cash to pay for the installation of the Big Ben bonger, saying there is “no legal basis” for them to accept public donations. Scrooges…

Not only might Big Ben not bong, but it sounds like Farage’s planned Parliament Square party won’t be as explosive as hoped; as Farage and Tice’s application to launch fireworks from a barge on the Thames fizzles out following officials at the Port of London Authority – which manages the Thames – refusing permission. Tice has had to put out a public plea to anyone in the Westminster area with a balcony or roof to launch fireworks off instead. Anyone lucky enough to have the property, get in touch…


Boris’s Bonkers ‘Bung a Bob for a Big Ben Bong’ Bid Binned

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Caption Contest (Diving in the Hartle-Pool Edition)

Entries in the comments…

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Tories Will Stand in Hartlepool

After a day of speculation, Guido can confirm the Tories have selected regional deputy chairman, Arun Photay, to stand in Hartlepool.

At one point it looked as if the ‘frontrunner’ had pulled out of the contest, and speculation mounted the Tories might give Brexit Party Chairman, Richard Tice, a free run at the heavily Brexit seat. Looks like Farage’s pact really was unilateral

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Tice Standing in Hartlepool

The Hartlepool seat is one of Labour’s most vulnerable, it voted Leave by 69.5%, making it one of the highest Leave voting Labour held seats in the UK.

  • In the 2017 general election Labour’s new candidate Mike Hill won a decisive victory, giving Labour 52.5%
  • UKIP came third in 2017 which sounds like an unpromising base, until you know they came second in 2015 only 7 points behind Labour
  • The incumbent Labour candidate Mike Hill was suspended from the party over allegations of sexual harassment. he’s been re-instated for the election.
  • The local council is Tory / Brexit Party controlled.

Guido is pretty sure Tice will keep his deposit, the seat is one of the Brexit Party’s best hopes…

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Brexit Party Worried About Leaks

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice has just given a speech to staffers this morning warning them to be careful who they speak to “even if you think they’re a friend”. Who could he be talking about?

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Brexit Party on Boris’s Case Already

The Brexit Party certainly aren’t planning to give Boris an easy ride, Nigel Farage and Richard Tice have already put out a statement warning that they will hold his feet to the fire on delivering Brexit by October 31st:

Farage: “I wish Boris Johnson well as Prime Minister with his ‘do or die’ pledge to deliver Brexit on October 31. It is ‘do or die’ not just for Brexit, but for the future of the Conservative party too. Does he have the courage to deliver for the country?”

Tice: “The Conservative members who have just elected Boris Johnson, and the voters who support him, are clear in their support for delivering Brexit on time. But can we trust him? He and the party he now leads have just 100 days to deliver. Boris is not well known for honouring his word on Brexit, since he voted for the terrible Withdrawal Agreement after calling it vassalage. The Brexit Party stands ready to fight a general election, contesting all 650 seats across the UK. We are the only party that can be trusted to deliver on Brexit.”

Tory Remainers have become so caught up in the Boris psychodrama that they have forgotten that there are 17.4 million very anxious Leave voters out there. Who have another party they can easily vote for if Remainers stop Boris delivering Brexit…

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