Reform UK Launches £74 Billion ‘Emergency Recovery Plan’

Reform UK is finally parking their tanks firmly on the Tories’ lawn. For the first time since Boris became leader, the ex-Brexit party is offering a programme that will no doubt make Conservative heads turn; setting out a £74 billion tax-cutting stimulus plan, stimulating growth by putting a stop to the government’s current “classic socialist measures”, and reducing inflation by approximately 4% over the next 12 months. The stimulus plan in full:

  • Cut tax: 
    • Zero income tax below £20,000 a year, saving almost £1,500 a year per person
    • Reduce VAT from 20% to 18%, saving £300 a year per household
  • Cut cost of living: 
    • Scrap VAT on energy bills, saving £100 a year per household
    • Scrap environmental levies, saving £160 a year per household
    • Reduce fuel duty by 20p a litre, saving £240 a year per driver
  • Cut wasteful spending: Save £5 in every £100, adding up to £55 billion per year
  • Unlock shale gas ‘treasure’: Over £1 trillion-worth of levelling up by drilling down, cutting bills

According to Reform, the stimulus – worth 3.3% of GDP – would take taxes as a percentage of GDP back down to pre-lockdown levels. Richard Tice also argues growth is paramount, and the measures would be self-funding after 3 years; if the UK has matched Australia’s GDP growth since 2005, GDP would be £410 billion higher, and tax revenues £150 billion greater per year. All ideas that are supposed to be the bread and butter of conservative politics…

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Farage Launches Referendum Campaign on Net Zero

Nigel Farage is revving back into campaign mode once again for another referendum, this time to take on “the life-changing Net Zero plans forced upon us by Westminster politicians“. Taking back control of our borders energy policies and prices…

Running under the banner of “Vote Power, Not Poverty“, Nige is raising cash for a “cross party, grassroots campaign” alongside Reform Party protégé Richard Tice to force a referendum on the government’s plan to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. They’ll be holding rallies across the country throughout the next year, with the campaign’s social media channels and website already up and running. Familiar scenes to the 2019 Brexit Party heyday…

The campaign is laser-focused on energy independence, particularly the UK’s untapped shale gas reserves. According to Vote Power’s site:

“We have huge energy resources here in the U.K. that we can use for much cheaper energy bills! Right now, about half of our energy supply is being imported from abroad, including from Russia and the Middle East […] The good news is that we have a real treasure under our feet, called Shale Gas! There is an estimated 50 years worth of shale gas, estimated to be worth over £1 trillion, right under our feet. What’s more important is that we, the people, own this Treasure. So let’s use it!”

Energy bills are skyrocketing, a Net Zero Scrutiny Group led by Steve Baker and Craig Mackinlay is forming within the Tories, and we’re only in the early stages of a cost-of-living crisis. Never bet against Nigel…

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Richard Tice’s Unique Description of Boris’s Character

Reform Party leader Richard Tice calling for Boris’s resignation:

“PM must resign. He knowingly broke rules he set whilst people couldn’t say goodbye to dying loved ones. He won’t, because he has [the] moral integrity of a smelly turd.”

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Richard Tice on the Consocialism of the Budget

Richard Tice on the Budget…

“The Budget was pure, perfect socialism. Increased government spending of your money by having the highest tax rates for 70 years. Government spending is now the highest since the 1970s. Growth forecasts over the medium term are the lowest for 60 years. 

The forecast growth numbers for next year already look way too optimistic. Rishi Sunak seems punch drunk on spraying your cash around in wasteful ways via civil servants, rather than let you spend it better yourself. 

This is Consocialism. I don’t believe that is what the country voted for at the last general election. “

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Reform Party Unbankable

Reform Party leader Richard Tice is unhappy, because the party’s bankers are withdrawing their account facilities. The party’s current bankers, Metro Bank, have told him they will no longer accept his business. This is after all the other High Street banks turned them away as well. Laurence Fox also had problems getting a bank account despite having only one donor. Tice held a press conference this morning saying “I’m going to write to the Governor of the Bank Of England to ask the bank itself for clearing bank facilities.” The Old Lady is usually the lender of last resort – not the banker of last resort…

Banks are wary of political accounts because they now have to report “PEPs”: politically exposed persons. This was meant to keep an eye on African and Russian kleptocrats, not small British political parties. Unless they believe that Russian codswallop*…

*Where’s Carole Cadwalladr’s evidence? The wheels of justice are turning very slowly.

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OFCOM’s Urgent Investigation into BBC Bias Against Reform UK

Responding to a formal complaint from Reform UK over their exclusion from a Welsh leaders’ debate, OFCOM has acknowledged “substantive issues” have been raised over the corporation’s treatment of the party, and are to urgently convene an election committee ahead of Thursday’s vote. Responding to the move, Richard Tice says:

“It is clear that the BBC has never forgiven us for winning the last European elections and forcing the Government to act on Brexit. Ignoring the strength of support that we have had cannot have been an accident but a monumental, and anti-democratic act of spite”.

OFCOM will not only be urgently convening the committee to adjudicate on any BBC bias, they are expediting the process given the severity:

“We consider that the Complaint raises substantive issues under the Broadcasting Code that, if upheld, might require redress before the elections on 6 May 2021. Further, and as we stated in our letter dated 19 April 2021, we recognise the very close proximity of the Leaders’ Debate to the election due to take place next week, and will be expediting our usual procedure for assessing standards complaints under the Code. The Election Committee will therefore be convened to determine this Complaint as a matter of urgency.”

Given the election is on Thursday the blatant bias is unlikely to be rectified in time…

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