Mary Foy Blames Holden for ‘Ruining’ Professional Relationship Over Beergate

The Guardian’s just published an interview with Durham MP Mary Kelly Foy in which she talks about the pressures she faced from the media over her central involvement in the Beergate investigation. She claims a reporter broke into her office to find materials relating the curry and says she has been “shattered by the media storm”. That’s politics for you…

The one bit of the interview that really grabbed Guido’s attention, however, was where she spoke of her relationship with constituency neighbour Richard Holden, who had been one of the most prominent Tory voices holding Sir Keir and the Labour Party to account for the curry:

“Foy said one of the lasting legacies was a breakdown in the relationship between her and Tory Durham MPs, something she said could affect work in the local area.

“I thought I was quite friendly with Richard Holden – we were all new together,” she said. “We were getting on well with plans for levelling up – what a farce that is – but we had to decide on some projects and we had issues we talked about. Obviously now it’s a working relationship that is really ruined.”

The Guardian failed to mention the more relevant factor that may have hurt her and Holden’s professional relationship: the fact she drunkenly grabbed and furiously berated him on the House of Commons terrace. For those who missed the Mail’s report at the time:

“A Labour MP launched a ‘drunken tirade’ against the Conservative MP leading calls for the police to review claims Sir Keir Starmer broke lockdown rules.

Three witnesses told the Daily Mail that Mary Foy vented her fury at Richard Holden on the Commons terrace on Tuesday night.

She is said to have verbally abused him for asking Durham Police to reopen the investigation into footage of the Labour leader having a beer with officials in her office on April 30, 2021.

Witnesses claim the City of Durham MP grabbed Mr Holden by the arm with both hands and tried to drag him across the terrace before staff restrained her.”

For Mary Foy, any self-reflection of her own behaviour during the political storm appears to be a naan-starter…

UPDATE: Holden tells Guido

I accepted Mary Foy’s unreserved apology for her drunken and unprovoked assault on me terrace of the House of Commons and considered the matter closed.

“I’m sad that Mary considers that our working relationship is ruined. I’d urge her to try and forgive herself, or at least come to terms her actions, and to now work constructively on herself and with me for the people of the county that we were both elected to serve.”

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WATCH: Richard Holden Tears Chunks Out of Corbyn-Backing Starmer
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Labour MP’s Drunken Rant at Tory Over Starmer Lockdown Beer Probe

The pressures of beergate are obviously getting to Labour MPs more than they’d like to admit: Labour MP Mary Foy launched into a furious drunken tirade against Richard Holden in the Strangers’ Bar on Tuesday night, after Holden asked Durham Police to reinvestigate Starmer for his lockdown beer drinking. Which isn’t exactly surprising, given the infamous event took place in Foy’s own constituency office…

Foy allegedly grabbed Holden’s arm and hurled so much abuse at him that her staff had to pull her away. Having had a skinful, she growled “how dare you name me and my office in this?” as apologetic staffers tried to calm her down. A witness told the Daily Mail she was “feeing the pressure”. Guido can’t imagine this morning’s revelations about Angela Rayner will do much to soothe her…

Holden threatened to take the matter to the Speaker unless she apologised the following morning. Lo and behold, on Wednesday morning Holden found “I unreservedly apologise for my behaviour on the terrace last night” in his inbox. Holden tells Guido she then went on to talk about how they could work together as Durham MPs. First Coyle, now Foy. Labour MPs obviously can’t handle their chardonnay…

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Durham Police to Reexamine Keir Starmer Covid Rule-Breaking

Richard Holden MP confirming Durham Deputy Chief Constable will “make enquires” with the Constabulary’s investigation team over Starmer’s potential rule-breaking in April 2021. Read the letter sent to Holden below…

Ello, ello, ello…

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Labour Crime Commissioner Denies Attending Starmer’s Lockdown Beer Event

Starmer’s infamous Hartlepool beer meeting, which was at least contentious and at worse unlawful, is back in the news, much to Labour’s irritation. North West Durham MP Richard Holden re-sparked the row on Saturday after writing to Chief Durham Constable Jo Farrell demanding a renewed probe into Sir Keir’s beer meeting, in light of Rishi’s unreasonably harsh fine. Despite the police force’s quick denial of any wrongdoing, Guido finds it hard to interpret Starmer’s actions as lawful under the rules at the time…

Starmer was then asked about the event again on Sunday Morning, when the lawyer chose to squirm and dodge questions about its lawfulness.

Following Holden’s letter, multiple social media users began questioning whether Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen – a longstanding Starmer supporter – was at the event, and whether that could have played a role in the police force’s decision to find in the Labour leader’s favour. Following the rumours, Guido contacted her press office…

“The Office of the Durham Police and Crime Commissioner has been informed that neither Joy Allen, the then candidate for Durham PCC, or Nigel Bryson, attended the event involving Kier [sic] Starmer during his visit to Durham at the last local election.”

Leaving aside the phrase “has been informed” rather than a first-person denial, Guido’s intrigued by the formal implication this is being considered a local election event, rather than a business meeting. As the rules stated at the time, campaigners could only go indoors “to meet the committee room organiser in order to collect election literature or drop off telling slips…”

“It is against the law to meet socially indoors with anyone not in your household or support bubble.”

Did Starmer’s own Police and Crime Commissioner just accidentally dob him in?

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BBC: Licence Fee Prosecutions to Double

The BBC’s COO Leigh Tavaziva told a select committee of MPs today that she expects to see “a doubling in prosecutions” thanks to the reintroduction of field agents post-Covid. A subsequent question by Richard Holden uncovered that 75% of those who will be prosecuted are women. In spite of this threat she claims there’s “strong support” for the licence fee out in the country. Nadine, over to you…

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