Labour Left’s Strife With Starmer Starts

Labour’s hard-left MPs have already launched vocal attacks on Keir Starmer’s leadership, following the party’s record-breaking humiliating defeat in Hartlepool. Lloyd Russel-Moyle was first out the gates before the result was declared, slamming Starmer’s tactic of “valueless flag waving and suit wearing”

Fan-favourite Richard Burgon has tweetedLabour’s leadership needs to urgently change direction”  and return to championing Corbyn’s 2019 election promises, something Shadow Communities Secretary Steve Reed instantly rejected on the Today Programme, saying Hartlepool must “absolutely not mean” a return to Corbynism.

Momentum is warning if Starmer doesn’t change direction he will be “out of a job”. Diane Abbott is also joining in, deludedly bragging about Corbyn’s two victories in Hartlepool and saying it is not possible to blame the former leadership for the result:

Former Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson is ignoring Abbott’s interpretation, telling LBC this morning that “the overhang from the Corbyn-era is still there.” 

Does Dr Paul Williams have any thoughts? He turned up the Hartlepool count 30 seconds before the announcement and being filmed running away immediately after, refusing to give a concession speech or talk to the press. There will be weeks of fall-out from this for Labour, with one official telling the hard left making leadership threats, “bring it on”…

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Burgon’s Idiocy (Part 94)

Richard Burgon on Starmer’s strategy to win votes…

“This is symptomatic of a strategy which goes chasing votes from groups who already have their own party – the Conservative party”

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BBC’s Anti-Government Head Teacher is Burgon Loyalist

The BBC is yet again refusing to inform readers and viewers about secret political activists: this time not only is their anti-government ‘expert’ a Labour activist: he’s a longtime supporter of Richard Burgon. Yesterday the BBC gave a platform to Chris Dyson, a headteacher in Leeds, to attack the government over laptop allocation, saying he was “flattened” to learn his school’s laptop donation allocation had been cut. Dyson’s long-time support for Corbynite backbencher Richard Burgon wasn’t mentioned, despite the headteacher having appeared on leaflets for the loony left candidate in the election…

For once, however, the BBC’s leftie cover-up isn’t the most outrageous dereliction of their reporting duty. Guido learns far from the laptop shortage being the government’s fault, Leeds’ Labour-controlled council has been given 2,100 laptops by Gavin Williamson, however so far only half have been distributed, the rest are sat in storage in Leed’s Civic Hall. Guido doesn’t expect the BBC will be amending their piece…

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Bur-Gone, But Not Forgotten: His Career Highlights

Guido will miss Richard Burgon’s front bench role, from his curious first front bench position as Shadow City Minister (where he tried his best to not meet with the City), to taking on responsibility as Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Shadow Lord Chancellor.

Poor Richard hasn’t had the easiest ride over his five years in Parliament so far, having not overlapped in the Commons with his socialist MP uncle Colin Burgon, to being mocked by new Labour Party Chair and Deputy Leader Angela Rayner.

The esteem he is held in by colleagues is perhaps not surprising, given the classic bungling Burgon became known for. From offering to teach Tony Blair ‘political education’, Trump-style crowd estimations, to his appearances on Russia Today and zany deputy leadership proposals; a Tony Benn University, Labour Party newspaper, and a second Labour Live festival. The Shadow Justice Secretary (and fan of metal bands from ‘Dream Troll‘ to ‘Sacred Reich‘) raised eyebrows when he flat out denied applauding the idea of a general strike, despite video footage clearly showing he did. Less amusingly, he denied saying “Zionism is the enemy” under oath, despite video footage existing of his manic speech…

Burgon graced our screens with unforgettable moments of television gold. His at one point weekly Kay Burley slapdown:

Inability to explain Labour’s Brexit policy. To be be fair to him, this wasn’t the easiest question to answer…


He denied supporting a general strike the day after he supported a general strike:

And who could forget his deputy leadership election rallying call…

Guido does not regret endorsing this political titan for one moment.

Back on the back benches now, perhaps the Farting Commie can get back to his classics:

Guido’s missing him already

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Rayner Reviews Burgon’s Competence

Angela Rayner took a night off from her campaign this week to go boozing in the Red Lion – only to inadvertently find herself surrounded by Conservative staffers. One Tory aide told the deputy leadership candidate, “you’re definitely going to win because you’re about 1000 times more competent than Burgon”. Rayner, enthusiastically nodding in agreement, exclaimed: “Thank you!!”

Rayner was far more diplomatic when the cheeky Tory bag carriers tried getting her to comment on the main leadership race, with her only saying she’d be able to work very well with Sir Keir should he beat her flatmate Becky. The Tory activists were hoping for longer with the boozing candidate, alas a Labour aide spotted the potentially incriminating pitfalls and promptly whisked her away…

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Burgon Offers Blair a Lesson in Political Education

Tony Blair would “be welcome to come and learn” at Burgon’s proposed ‘Tony Benn School of Political Education’.

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