Rayner Reviews Burgon’s Competence

Angela Rayner took a night off from her campaign this week to go boozing in the Red Lion – only to inadvertently find herself surrounded by Conservative staffers. One Tory aide told the deputy leadership candidate, “you’re definitely going to win because you’re about 1000 times more competent than Burgon”. Rayner, enthusiastically nodding in agreement, exclaimed: “Thank you!!”

Rayner was far more diplomatic when the cheeky Tory bag carriers tried getting her to comment on the main leadership race, with her only saying she’d be able to work very well with Sir Keir should he beat her flatmate Becky. The Tory activists were hoping for longer with the boozing candidate, alas a Labour aide spotted the potentially incriminating pitfalls and promptly whisked her away…

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Burgon Offers Blair a Lesson in Political Education

Tony Blair would “be welcome to come and learn” at Burgon’s proposed ‘Tony Benn School of Political Education’.

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Burgon Proud to be ‘Continuity Corbyn’


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Burgon Backs Another Labour Live Festival

If there’s one thing in Labour’s recent history more mockable than Richard Burgon, it is Labour Live; the festival hardly any one turned up to and resulted in a massive financial loss to the party.

Despite the reported £1 million losses incurred by the last Labour Live, Burgon has now told Labour List it was a “good idea” and “the kind of thing we need to be doing”. Every day, Burgon makes Guido even more assured of his official endorsement

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Guido Endorses #Richard4Deputy

Guido can’t decide who to support for Labour leader, in the deputy leadership race, however, the choice is clear. The most honest deputy leadership campaign by a mile receives the coveted Guido Fawkes endorsement. Richard Burgon!

Whilst an honourable mention goes to Dawn Butler and her many musical speeches, Richard’s inspirationally honest pitch to Novara Media last night has clinched Guido’s coveted endorsement. To celebrate, Guido is showcasing some of the best Burgon fandom’s best content…

Good luck!

UPDATE: Burgon reacts…

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The Magnanimity of Richard Burgon

Congratulating his fellow Deputy Leadership competitor Dawn Butler for reaching the required nominations, some sceptics could hear the sound of pleaing from Burgon…

Big congratulations to @DawnButlerBrent for achieving the number of MPs’ nominations required to get on the Deputy Leadership ballot!”

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