Maclean Takes on LibDem NIMBYs

Housing minister, Rachel Maclean, today steps into the fray to intervene in Spelthorne Borough Council’s decision to abandon their pledge to construct 9,000 new homes. In a fiery letter to leader of the Council, Cllr Sexton, Maclean wrote that she is to follow the below directions:

  1. Do not prevent the Council from deciding to continue progressing the plan through examination; and
  2. (This) will remain in force until withdrawn by the Secretary of State.

The letter ended in a stern warning to the Council leader that should she ignore these directions, she would take “further intervention action to ensure that an up-to-date local plan is in place“. Another crusader joins the fight against NIMBYism…

A government source tells Guido:

“This is another example of duplicitous LibDems blocking new homes. Just like Labour, they play politics and will not take decisions in the long term interests of families and young people. They are not fit to govern.”

Read the full letter below:

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