Young Royals’ School Chain Apologises it Can’t Open Sooner

The left have become obsessed with the argument that while the Government is asking state schools to prepare to reopen soon – supposedly endangering the lives of poorer students – the top independent schools aren’t returning until September. Flying in the face of this wide-spread theory is an email sent this morning to parents of pupils at the top private school chain, Thomas’s – where Prince William and Kate send George and Charlotte. In stark contrast to the left’s caricature, the parents of Thomas’s 2,000 pupils are raring to send their kids back, with over 60% of parents at each school wanting all pupils to return as soon as possible. A natural mindset when you’re forking out £20,000-a-year…

There’s a snag, however; the Government is currently preventing independent schools from returning, despite parents’ desires. The school chain explains:

“Independent schools have specifically been requested to follow [government guidance] and our insurance company has this week confirmed that we will be uninsured if we operate outside it.”

Parents will therefore have to make do with only reception, Year 1 and Year 6 returning at the end of the month, as per the government’s rules. As Prince George is now in Year 2, he will have to put off learning his kingship lessons for another few months…

Read the school chain’s email to parents in full below:

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New Labour MP Keeps Comparing Kate to Kardashians

Labour’s gaffe-prone new Kensington MP Emma Dent Coad is in both the political and entertainment headlines this morning for comparing Kate Middleton to the Kardashians. Sworn anti-monarchist Dent Coad told a rally of republicans on Saturday:

“I say the Middletons are like the Kardashians now, because they are such film stars… It just shows how much it has all changed.”

Actually, there’s nothing new about Dent Coad using the Kardashian comparison. In 2015, the day after Princess Charlotte was born, Dent Coad suggested the royal baby should be christened Kendall, after the youngest Kardashian daughter. Bit weird…

Dent Coad also kicked off over the royal wedding, tweeting: “Are you sure the wedding is ‘royal’? It’s Kate’s wedding, she’s a commoner. Shouldn’t we call it ‘Kate Middleton’s wedding’?”  Not all of her ire is reserved for Kate: Dent Coad said Prince Andrew – then international trade ambassador – “doesn’t have a job“, suggested he steals food at parties, and tweeted a link to a piece where she said Prince Charles “explains the reason for his madness“. A chip off the old Jezza block…

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