Piers Corbyn’s Election Analysis

Piers Corbyn is hitting the news again after sharing a petition calling for his brother Jeremy to stay on as Labour Party leader. Guido thought now presents a perfect time to bring up his bizarre election night analysis, broadcast live on Channel 4…

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Piers Corbyn Calls For Resignation of “Remainist” MPs

Jeremy Corbyn’s eccentric brother Piers has called for a no deal Brexit in an extraordinary tirade against the European Union. He called for the destruction of all EU nationalistic symbols in the UK and the resignation of all “remainist” MPs. Could Piers be giving us a glimpse into his younger brother’s true feelings..?

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Labour Links to Mogg Family’s Harassers


The principal harasser of Jacob Rees-Mogg’s family and children outside his home yesterday was Ian Bone of an organisation called Class War. He has considerable links to Corbyn’s Labour Party.

Shadow Cabinet ministers John McDonnell and Richard Burgon joined with Class War on a protest just last week in SW1, where they brandished the very same banner that they took to Rees-Mogg’s family home. The UVW union proudly featured it all in a promotional video.

There’s more… Bone boasted that Corbyn’s new chief adviser, Andrew Fisher, is a Class War supporter, who lives just around the corner from Bone himself.

And the Guardian published a cosy article in 2006 profiling Ian Bone and publicising his new book entitled ‘Bash the Rich’. And here he socialising with the Labour Party leader’s brother Piers Corbyn. Solidarity…

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Piers Corbyn Tweets Infowars Video and Claims Syria Gas Attack Was “Fake”

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers has tweeted an Alex Jones Show Infowars video featuring Paul Joseph Watson which suggests the chemical attack on Douma was not carried out by the Assad regime. He tagged his brother Jeremy in the tweet. Piers also tweeted:

“HAHA the #Syria #ChemicalWeaponsAttack was #FAKE.”

PJW should really get Piers on his show…

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Piers Corbyn: “BBC Are Globalist Soros Nazi EU 4th Reich Fake News Filth”

Alternative take on the weather from Jezza’s brother…

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Jezza’s Brother Retweets Ex-BNP Activist

Jeremy Corbyn loudly condemned President Trump for retweeting Britian First this week. Last night, Jezza’s eccentric brother, Piers, retweeted former BNP member Mark Collett. Bizarrely, Piers has re-tweeted Collett before.He ain’t racist, he’s my brother…’

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