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Some say CCHQ are having trouble getting Tory activists to do Euro-canvassing, not true, look that at chap on the right having fun at a CCHQ phone canvassing session cajoling people to vote for his wife. CCHQ has summoned all staff to a meeting this evening. Expect them to be pressured to toil for Tory votes in the Euro elections. Good luck with that…

It’s not just CCHQ, West Midlands Tories are so desperate for volunteers that Regional Chairman Jim Cooper has sent everyone on the local Westminster Candidates list an “URGENT” email begging them to help out their Euro counterparts. Cooper complains that the “response so far has been less than we had hoped” before giving the candidates a veiled threat motivational thought to take away:

“Our views on these Elections are irrelevant – this is about loyalty to the Conservative Party. As a member of the Party’s Candidates Committee I know how much loyalty is valued.”

How many Tory candidates will even be voting Tory this time round?

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CCHQ Snubs Barwell in SpAd Power Play

On Friday afternoon, government Special Advisers will be having their first interdepartmental meeting in months, after an unusually long period of no formal meetings at all. The meeting will not be taking place in the usual venue of Number 10, instead it be held round the corner in CCHQ, in what is being seen by some as a sabre rattling move. Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis emailed SpAds to invite them over…

Guido understands that this is a snub to the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff, Gavin Barwell, who many within CCHQ, as well as the Prime Minister’s husband, see as a big problem. Hyper-Remainer Barwell is seen as “a blockage” to party unity, and his attempts to water down Brexit by bringing Labour Remainers on board have led many to the conclusion that he should go…

UPDATE: A CCHQ source gets in touch to say: “The meeting on Friday is a chance for the Party Chairman to brief SpAds about the forthcoming local election campaign. The regular SpAd catch-up meetings at No10 will continue as normal in the coming weeks.”

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

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Maguire and Pierce: Spot the Difference

Turns out Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire’s comedy double-act extends well beyond their paper review appearances on Sky News. Those hectic media schedules mean they are now happy to share anecdotes for their columns. As you can compare and contrast above, Philip May is not the only thing that readers of the Mail (above left) and Mirror (right) will be doing a double take over. Seems Andy and Kev don’t disagree about everything…

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Kezia Lamely Boards the Outrage Bus

The Mays’ “boy jobs and girl jobs” joke about the Philip taking the bins out has inspired the lamest lefty faux outrage in ages. Apparently in Labour la la land it is now sexist to say taking the bins out is a “traditional boy job”. Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale cries: “I despair… as a gay woman, my house is obviously always a total tip because no one ever takes the bins out”. Real vote winner there. Really is the height of naffness to claim Philip doing the bins while Theresa does “girl jobs” is a threat to gender equality. Theresa’s “girl job” is running the country…

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