Mandelson: Labour Needs Some Policies

Yet again, Peter Mandelson has some advice for Sir Keir. It seems the Blairites’ wet dream of a leader is beginning to frustrate moderate grandees; having successfully conducted a purge of the hard left from the party machinery, Starmer’s policy offering remains decidedly thin on the ground. Following the Hartlepool by-election, Mandelson told Labour it needs to learn from Blair. Now he’s got some further suggestions…

Later today Mandelson will use a speech to tell the party to overhaul its economic policy, focusing on raising the country’s growth rate while saying there’s a “desperate need” for the party to retain parts of Tory policy, especially on research and innovation. The arch remainer will say Labour needs to “build a more equitable globalisation” and “pay greater attention to issues connected with national resilience and security” to “mitigate the effects of Brexit.” Specifically on the party’s one remaining Corbynite policy of spending £28 billion every year for 10 years to transition to net zero, he believes:

“Just announcing a massive spend and a big policy goal does not in itself deliver economic growth”

“This only translates into new jobs and prosperity in the U.K. if we are investing in U.K. businesses”

While Mandelson is undoubtedly right about Labour’s almost non-existent policy offering, his own suggestions briefed ahead of the speech seem pretty thin on the ground. We know Sir Keir enjoys LSD – will he be persuaded by Mandy? 

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Mandelson: Momentum are Worse than Putin

Peter Mandelson recounts his dealings with Putin to Andrew Marr…

Peter Mandelson: He once turned to me and said, you know you are a very, very unpleasant person, Mr. Mandelson, and you’re obviously determined to inflict great harm on Russia, which we reject. All I was doing was negotiating a trade agreement.
Marr: I’ve had worse from Momentum.
Peter Mandelson: I’ve had since worse from Momentum. But he’s, he will just sort of make you feel you’ll try and put you onto the backfoot and make you feel uncomfortable. He will try to show you up in front of your colleagues. He will make you out to be, you know, the, you know, the last remaining obstacles in what could be a marvellous agreement. He will try everything.

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Lebedev: Starmer Congratulated Me on Elevation to Lords

Evgeny Lebedev has just confirmed earlier reports that Sir Keir actually congratulated him for his Lords appointment back in 2020, despite spending the last few weeks complaining about the decision and insisting it “raises serious questions”. Captain Hindsight at it again…

According to Lebedev, Starmer privately texted in August 2020:

“Congratulations on your elevation to the House of Lords. All best wishes, Keir.”

Just a few weeks ago on Sky News, once it looked like the story might damage the government, Starmer performed a vintage U-turn and said:

“…The media today are saying there were further reservations by the security and intelligence services which were known before this appointment was made and we know that concerns were raised apparently with the Prime Minister […] the Prime Minister has got serious questions to answer: What did he know? And did he override security advice?”

Labour sources are already counter-briefing The Times’ Patrick Maguire with “it wasn’t Keir the security services briefed with warnings about Lebedev and it wasn’t Keir who nominated him for a peerage.” Still, at least Starmer’s not the only left red-faced by this: Sadiq Khan and Starmer adviser Peter Mandelson were also pictured beaming away as they left Lebedev’s Christmas party back in 2017. Now Labour are acting as if it’s a scandal anyone even spoke to him. Looks like Lebedev kept the receipts…

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Mandelson Sold His Russian Shares Before They Collapsed

Peter Mandelson was a director of Sistema, a large Russian conglomerate, reportedly being paid around £200,000 a year plus profit share. Sistema was the majority shareholder of RTI, a defence technology company that produces radars and satellite communications, as well as technology for Russia’s land-based missile early warning system. He continued working for Sistema even after the annexation of Crimea. 

RTI’s chairman was Evgeny Primakov, a Putin ally, former Prime Minister and co-founder of the Fatherland – All Russia Party. Mandelson remained on the board of Sistema when Putin invaded Ukraine in 2014, annexed Crimea and backed the separatist rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Mandelson continued to serve even when those rebels shot down the Malaysian airliner MH17 with a Russian supplied missile system – which Putin lied about.

After stepping down from the board of Sistema he sold his shareholdings in the Russian conglomerate only last June. Comforting to know that Mandelson safely banked his profits, given the shares have halved this morning…

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Starmer’s Advisers Mandelson & Mattison Rub Shoulders With Russians

As Sir Keir demands a Putin-style closure of RT and highlights Tory links to Russians, he may want to take a look at whom his own advisers have been rubbing shoulders with. Yesterday Guido pointed out that while Labour now calls for the banning of the UK channel of Russia Today, Starmer’s own head of strategy Deborah Mattinson appeared on the channel just ahead of the 2019 election. Then there’s Mandy…

It’s well known Mandelson’s been advising Starmer – increasingly obviously as Labour plays more and more out of the New Labour playbook. In March 2014, the UK put top Putin advisor Sergei Glazyev on the sanctions list, a man who – among other things – claimed unrest in Ukraine was “financed by American institutions in cooperation with their European partners” who also “financed neo-Nazis”. Who proceeded to share a stage with Glazyev two months after his sanctioning? Lord Mandelson.

According to Linkedin records, Mandy’s Global Counsel, the strategy firm that definitely is not a lobbying firm, also has 5 staff working on behalf of clients with Russian interests. What with this, Mattinson, 13 Labour MPs and Lords backing Russia over NATO, and Young Labour, perhaps Sir Keir might want to get his house in order soon if he plans on lecturing the government…

*A previous version of this article said Global Counsel worked on behalf of Russian clients, they say they work for clients with Russian interests. According to Global Counsel they have no Russian clients nor do they work for any Russian entities. They do not however reveal their client list so we have no way of verifying the accuracy of this claim.

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Peter Mandelson to Seumas Milne…

Peter Mandelson to Seumas Milne…

“We’re back in control”

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