Cruddas: Boris Will Win Next General Election

Lord Cruddas has told LBC’s Nick Ferrari he gave the Tories a £250,000 donation at the peak of the partygate scandal “to support Boris”, believing the incident had been “blown out of proportion”. He reiterated his support for the Prime Minister and how he delivered Brexit and the Covid vaccine programme:

“People’s narrative and thinking around Boris is really determined – in most cases – by their political views, I back Boris and, guess what? I sent the party a quarter of a million pounds six weeks ago, right at the height of partygate, to support the party and to support Boris. I think we should be grateful for Boris – the way he bought the vaccines into this country and the way he delivered Brexit. I’m behind him all the way.”

Cruddas added: “You watch the next general election – we’ll see who wins.” Would you bet against a man who went from being a milkman living on a council estate, to being a multi-millionaire City market-maker living in a Mayfair mansion*?

*Guido has just started reading his biography Passport to Success – from Milkman to Mayfair“.

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Jolyon Loses Legal Action Against Boris Over Cruddas Peerage

Last month, Jolyon Maugham commenced legal action against Boris Johnson personally over the PM’s decision to nominate the philanthropist and Tory donor Peter Cruddas for a peerage. Headlines quoted Maugham at his most bombastic, claiming they were challenging the corruption at the heart of Downing Street:

“… the Prime Minister took legally irrelevant considerations – past donations and the prospect of future donations – into account in making him a Baron.  And so we’re suing. We’ve instructed Bindmans LLP, Dan Squires QC and Alice Irving… Make no mistake, we intend to issue proceedings.”

Guido can report that no actual proceedings ever commenced.

Sources tell Guido that was because it was such a flimsy case. The letter to the Prime Minister, waved around loudly by Jolyon and his Good Law Project, amounted to no more than a press release. In the view of the government’s Treasury Solicitor the matter was not even justiciable, and it is noteworthy that the letter did not even seek a serious remedy beyond asking the PM to say that he should not have nominated Cruddas for the peerage. If this is lawfare, Jolyon is firing blanks…

The government’s response was that any legal action was out of time, the nomination was six months prior to Jolyon firing off his letter, it was in any event not open to judicial review, that constitutionally because of the separation of legal powers it could not be judicially reviewed, and that it was a political act – not a judicial matter. The intention would infringe upon parliamentary privilege, that the nomination is an exercise of prerogative, not statutory powers, and for many more reasons which should be known to any undergraduate who has studied the constitution, never mind a barrister, meritless. M’learned friend tells Guido dismissively:

“It was a telling feature of Jolyon’s letter that no action was in fact requested of the Defendant (Boris) at all. This underlines the lack of a proper justiciable legal basis to the claim.”

In short, it was just a headline-grabbing publicity stunt for Jolyon. This morning, Bindmans – Jolyon’s solicitors – quietly and without any fanfare served a notice of discontinuance. They were out of time again…

It has not gone unnoticed that Jolyon tweeted about Lord Cruddas 11 times, and that he got carried away with his allegations of corruption. He may get his day in court yet – as a defendant…

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Newly Ennobled Lord Cruddas Donates £500,000 to Tories

Peter Cruddas, the billionaire City tycoon, has donated £500,000 to the Tories after Boris Johnson overruled advice from the official Appointments Commission and made him a peer. Lord Cruddas – a long-time Tory donor – gave the the Conservative party the donation on February 5th, three days after his appointment to the House of Lords. Boris Johnson overturned the advice, describing concerns as “historic” and praising Cruddas’s “outstanding contributions in the charitable sector”. According to the House of Lords Appointments Commission, this is the first time the organisation’s advice has been ignored. Cruddas has given over £3.5 million to the Tories on top of the £1.5 million he gave to the Vote Leave campaign – which he co-founded.

The Appointments Commission advised against Peter Cruddas’ nomination due to a supposed “cash for access” scandal that was in fact a stitch up – of which he was cleared. In 2012, the Electoral Commission ruled that there was no evidence that rules had been broken and Cruddas won £180,000 in damages from The Sunday Times. Guido can’t understand why – given he was cleared – that the Appointments Commission raked over the old story… 

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Dan Hannan, Syed Kamall, Vernon Coaker and Jenny Chapman Among Christmas Peerages

This year’s Christmas peerages have been announced, including four former MEPs, four former MPs, and the former Archbishop of York. There are 16 new lords a leaping this Christmas…

Former Tory co-treasurer and donor Peter Cruddas finally makes the list, after Boris personally forced his appointment through, along with former MEPs Daniel Hannan, Syed Kamall, and Dame Jacqueline Foster.

On the Labour side, Jenny Chapman, who lost her Darlington seat in the 2019 election and went on to run Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign, is amongst the nominations, as is veteran former MP Vernon Coaker, and Board of Deputies of British Jews Chief Executive Gillian Merron.

See the list in full:

Read More

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Cruddas Quits “In” Group

Peter Cruddas

CMC Markets CEO and former Tory treasurer Peter Cruddas has resigned from Business for New Europe. Commenting Cruddas said: “I signed up to Business for New Europe because I thought they were serious about pushing for reform in the EU. But I am disappointed that they have now launched the ‘in’ campaign which backs staying in the EU regardless of whether we get reform or not. I have therefore asked them to take me off their supporters list.” There is going to be two-way traffic in defections… 



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