Bone Makes Deputy Speaker Pitch With Comedy Video

Nominations close for the role of Deputy Speaker today, with the election being held tomorrow. Guido brought you the list of candidates last year…

Peter Bone, an underdog contender for the role, and has sent MPs a comedy video urging them to end his contribution from the backbenches by relegating him to the Speaker’s chair:

Dear Colleagues,

If my email of yesterday didn’t convince you to vote for me as Deputy Speaker, this should be the clincher, as if you vote for me tomorrow, you’ll never have to hear this again!

With very best wishes,


Bone clearly hoping he won’t come in Beethoven’s 5th…

Guido understands Rosie Winterton is the only Labour candidate standing is therefore guaranteed the second Deputy Speaker spot leaving two up for grabs for the likely five Tory candidates.

Nigel Evans has been picking up momentum, securing the support of Tracey Crouch, Carolyn Harris, and Angus MacNeil; as well as picking up a lot of support from the new ‘blue-collar Tories’ – including his former Parliamentary assistant Simon Fell who is now the MP for Barrow and Furness.

David Amess and Robert Goodwill have been campaigning for the role for a shorter amount of time, and are also considered underdogs in the contest.

Eleanor Laing meanwhile is pitching more for the Labour vote with Chris Bryant and Wes Streeting on board. She will have to overcome memories of messing up in the Chair as MPs were voting on the election bill last year. Laing appeared to have not understood there was no committee stage for the bill and attempted to accept an amendment from Chris Leslie – leading to the face of Bercow having to take over. It was all very awkward.

Voting takes place tomorrow, with the top three candidates (provided at least one is female, Labour, or both) winning the three Deputy Speaker roles…

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Peter Bone’s Generous Offer to Bercow

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