Sherriff’s A-paula-ing Language

Paula Sherriff was the MP who kicked off the linguistic farce in the Commons last night, comparing the use of the phrase “Surrender Act” to the murder of Jo Cox. She then went on to cry that “we must moderate our language” … a cry she clearly did not hear herself as this morning she has taken to national TV to spit at “this wicked, grotesque government”…

Guido has already detailed some of the abusive language that has been emanating from the very people spuriously trying to attack Brexiteers.

Sherriff herself is no stranger to words she claimes are “offensive, dangerous, or inflammatory language”: In the last couple of years she herself…

It’s almost as if Sherriff is trying to turn abuse into a party political issue, and weaponising the appalling murder of Jo Cox in the process. 

UPDATE: Just recently Paula retweeted a call to “man the barricades” after she likened the Prime Minister to a dictator. Dialling it down…

Another Labour MP Failed to Declare Campaign Battle Bus

This tweet shows Tom Watson and Jon Ashworth taking the Labour Express battle bus to Paula Sheriff MP’s Dewsbury constituency on March 7 2015. It appears up to 100 activists were transported on the bus to campaign in Sheriff’s seat during the long campaign regulated spending period. According to the Electoral Commission, this is local campaigning and should have been declared as part of the local campaign spend.

Yet Paula Sheriff’s long campaign declarations show Nil spend on transport:

The Electoral Commission say:

“If a battle bus promotes both the local candidate and national policies, then a portion of the cost of that bus should be allocated towards the candidate’s spending limit and a portion towards the party’s national spending limit.”

Paula Sheriff did not do so. This would appear to be a clear breach of the rules…

Paula Sherriff’s “Vagina Added Tax”

Paula Sherriff’s interpretation of the VAT on tampons:

“I hope that today is the day that we consign the Vagina Added Tax to history.”

A new one for Hansard…

Labour MP Pulls Out of Segregated Extremism Rally

Following Guido’s revelations this morning, Labour MP Paula Sheriff has pulled out of next month’s sex segregated rally hosted by an Islamic extremist. Her spokesman says:

“Paula Sherriff withdrew from attending this event as soon as she became aware of the details. She is strongly of the view that there is no place for extremism of any kind.”

For the second time this week Guido provides a free-of-charge extremism vetting service for the Labour Party…

Labour MP’s Sex Segregated Rally With Islamic Extremist

Labour MP Paula Sherriff is the guest speaker at a sex segregated rally next month hosted by an Islamic extremist who thinks women are “subservient” to men. Sherriff is named alongside Shaikh Sulaiman Gani on the advert, a radical imam who calls women “subservient”, condemns homosexuality and wants justice for al-Qaeda terrorist Aafia Siddiqui, currently serving 86 years in jail for the attempted murder of troops in Afghanistan. Despite it not being a religious event and not being held in an Islamic centre, the poster says there will be “segregated facilities for sisters”. “Sisters” even have a separate phone number to call than male guests.

Presumably Paula will be using the women’s entrance. Why is a Labour MP enabling this sort of extremism?

See the latest developments here.

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