Paul Nuttall Quits UKIP

Former Leader Paul Nuttall has, after “much soul-searching,” followed Patrick O’Flynn, Nigel Farage, and Nathan Gill out the door. The party is now left with just 9 of the 24 MEPs it elected in in 2014. At this rate wacko leader Gerard Batten will be in a party of one by Christmas. 

Read his full statement here…

“After much soul-searching over the past week, I have concluded that I must, as of today, resign as a member of Ukip. I do this with an immense amount of reluctance and regret, as I have worked tirelessly for the party for the past fourteen years.

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Paul Nuttall Deletes His Account

Only hours after he resigned as UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall has resigned from Twitter. Bye!

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Nuttall Quits

Yet another UKIP leadership election. Nigel? Whittle? Raheem?

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Nuttall’s Had His Chips

Why is Paul Nuttall eating a bag of chips at 10.15 a.m.?

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UKIP Weaponise Manchester Attack: May Must Bear Responsibility

UKIP has fully weaponised the Manchester bombing to go after Theresa May, claiming that the PM must “bear some responsibility” for the attack. Suzanne Evans directly accused May of “allowing jihadists back into the country” – Salman Abedi recently returned from Libya – and argued that May and the EU had created the circumstances that allowed the attack to happen. She later reverse ferreted and said “the only people to blame are the terrorists”. 

Shouty crackers UKIP supporters screamed at journalists to “get back in your hole”, making Corbynistas look sane by comparison. Chief snowflake William Dartmouth did his best Barry Gardiner impression, whinging that Laura K and the BBC are “fake news“.

Lobby journalists were heard discussing “the worst ever UKIP launch”. The party’s few remaining supporters will love it but the event really was naff. Campaigning well back underway then…

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UKIP Manifesto Launch Live

Via ITV.
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