Labour MPs’ Damning Responses to Panorama

Is this the moment when Labour MPs finally stand up and do something about it? Or do they just go back to campaigning to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister anyway?

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Owen Smith On Top of Things As Ever

Top Remainer Owen Smith having a pop at the “Brexit-supporting” Times. Uhhh…

Will always be a mystery how Smith managed to lose to Corbyn…

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Owen Smith Sacked

Corbyn has sacked Owen Smith after he called for a second referendum. Distracts from the mural at least…

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Owen Smith: I Might Have Won

Sunday morning laughs for Corbynistas…

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Owen Smith Desperate for a Retweet

Owen Smith’s twitter is an odd sight at the moment: 11 tweets have been posted asking for a retweet regarding a youth group in Pontypridd. Either hacked or really, really desperate for a re-tweet…

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Owen Who?

How quickly they forget…

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