Nish Kumar Apologises for Sharing False Brendan Clarke-Smith Claims

Brendan Clarke-Smith’s learned friends have been working overtime for the past few weeks. Ever since the Twitterati shared false claims about this now infamous photo – taken at a charity event ten years ago, not during the pandemic – Clarke-Smith’s lawyers have kept the postman busy with a raft of legal letters to lefty celebrities caught on the wrong side of the truth. Alastair Campbell and Sue Perkins have already issued their grovelling apologies… 

Luckily they’re in good company. Nish Kumar has now joined in with the grovelling, tweeting:

Kumar wasn’t alone – the “progressive citizen journalists” over at Yorkshire Bylines also put out a mea culpa last night:

“Please Retweet” – Guido’s happy to oblige…

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Deranged Britain-Hating Brigade Who Know Better than the Ukrainian People

During the Question Time Ukraine Special last night, former Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt (who is married to Stephen Kinnock) smugly came out with this disconnected-from-reality take:

“First of all you said something that made me almost chuckle before, when you said ‘Putin will think that the UK’s leading the efforts against Russia right now’ of course it’s not. The EU is leading the effort against Russia so I don’t think they’ll see Boris Johnson as a particular leader in this field”

Leaving aside the fact David Lammy can be seen nodding along to this nonsensical bilge, Thorning-Schmidt is clearly oblivious to the UK government trying to go further and faster than almost all of the EU when it comes to sending military equipment, banning Russia from SWIFT and sanctioning more Russian assets than the US and EU combined. It was not the UK that dithered on sanctions, or carved out exceptions so Italy could carry on exporting luxury handbags to Putin’s regime.

Even Kremlin spokesman Maria Zakharova contradicts Lammy et al: “London plays one of the leading, if not the main, roles, leaves us no choice but to take proportionately tough retaliatory measures. London has made a final choice of open confrontation with Russia.” A back handed compliment to London’s leading role against Russia.

Of course it’s not just Thorning-Schmidt becoming deranged by this self-loathing brain rot.

Orwell’s oft quoted point that “England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality” could be re-applied to remoaners, it is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any tweeting, FBPE hashtagging, blue ticker would feel more ashamed of crediting Boris for something than of stealing from a poor box. All of this is without going over those who revelled in Russia’s foreign minister insulting Liz Truss, because our enemies are less bad than any Tory. Yesterday’s polling showed how those on the ground in Ukraine actually feel, without the luxury to sit back and play political point-scoring via Twitter. Boris is the most popular politician after Zelenskyy among the Ukrainian people, though in the minds of deranged Remoaners he may as well be Putin…

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BBC Dumps “Mash Report”

Guido has a theory about why the BBC is dumping the Mash Report. They realised it just wasn’t really entertaining.

Surely if it was really popular it can be resurrected as a niche streaming show, pay-per-view or perhaps as a trendy digital show on Buzzfeed? Huffington Post? Joe Politics? Surely there is a market for this kind of stuff? No?

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Krishnan Guru-Murthy Solicited Jokes for David Miliband’s Speeches

The taxpayer-funded ‘UK in a Changing Europe’ held a panel discussion on Friday on the subject of ‘Brexit and Comedy’. How the host, Professor Anand Menon, squares this with it being ‘an independent organisation created to make the findings of academic research easily available’ is beyond Guido. The panel was one of those all left, all remain, type of independent panels. It was in many ways no different to your average impartial BBC Radio 4 comedy panel…

On the panel were Nish Kumar – who made no bones about his left-wing comedy goals – Marina Hyde who at least cracks jokes about right-wingers that have other right-wingers laughing and Andy Zaltzman, whom Guido has never heard of before. Wikipedia says he’s your standard-issue Oxbridge-Edinburgh Fringe-Radio 4 cliche left-wing comedian. The most interesting thing he said was that the Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy called him up to ask him to write jokes for David Miliband. We have reached out to Krishnan to ask him if this is true and for some kind of explanation. We await the impartial news broadcaster’s explanation…

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Nish Kumar Booed Off Stage

There was a tragedy yesterday at Park Lane’s swanky Grosvenor House, left-wing comedian Nish Kumar tried his student union calibrated Mash Report material out on a crowd of middle-aged cricket fans. The audience responded with boos, jeers and calls for him to leave when he riffed on Brexit.  A co-conspirator emails:

I’ve been at the Lord Taverners Christmas lunch (raising money for disabled kids to play sport).

Nish Kumar was booked as the comedian. He had a shocker. Kicked off with how sh*t Boris was at everything and then moved on to imperial British rule gags. He then praised former speaker Bercow (in audience). Moved on to why Brexit was a bad idea. We should have a second referendum as the only way out, because it had all gone badly. Everyone was thick. The audience were racist. The audience were disrespectful to Second World War dead.

Tried to recover with a half-arsed apology which was he was doing gig for free and if we all donated more the charity could pay a right wing comic Instead of him for free… Nearly £200,000 raised at the lunch.

Was being slow Clapped. Refused to leave stage until clapping ended otherwise they would have to continue for his fully allotted time… another 4 minutes.

Eventually the compere (someone he described as “dressed like he worked for the queen”) stepped on to the stage. Killed his mic and ushered him away.

During it all a bread roll was thrown.

A moments silence for the stage death of Nish Kumar…

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