Focus Group Student Thought Nigel Farage is a Lib Dem

In a moment that will bring Westminster obsessives down to earth, one of the undecided voters in the Victoria Derbyshire live focus group this morning revealed she thought Nigel Farage was a Lib Dem.

Rhys, an 18-year-old student, said Nigel was like a bird because “he was part of the Lib Dems, and I like where they’re going with things, how they’re kind of focussed…” A good reminder why politicians need to incessantly repeat messages to get cut though…

Farage: Brexit Party Can’t Win This Election

Nigel Farage was more honest than Jo Swinson on the campaign trail in Workington this morning, telling the audience that his party was not going to win the election. Perhaps revealing why he isn’t standing…

“You know, I thought watching yesterday Jo Swinson stand up and say I could be the next Prime Minister, I mean it’s funny, I suppose, but it just had no credibility and the same goes for the Brexit party. We can’t win this election”

He went on to say that he wants the Brexit party to hold the balance of power in Parliament –  a tough feat given shows the party won’t win any seats. They’re more likely to just hurt Tory chances in the seats Boris needs to gain a majority…

Three Brexit Party candidates had already stood down. Today, a fourth, Truro & Falmouth’s Paul Wood, has joined them standing aside and endorsing the Tory candidate as “sound”. The Tories’ campaign may not have got off to a great start, but it looks like the Brexit Party’s won’t even get off the starting line…

Farage’s Former Workington Candidate Says he’s “Working Against an Achievable Brexit”

The fight for the ‘Workington Man’ vote is already set to be the key battleground for Boris’s route to a majority. With his tanks touring northern marginal seats this week, Farage is today also joining the fight for Workington’s pro-Brexit, disaffected Labour voters. You can’t say he isn’t Workington hard…

Unfortunately for Farage, many Brexiteers disagree with his strategy; and whilst he has not yet announced any plans to defect, his former Workington Candidate, Philip Walling, on Monday quote Tweeted a Katy Hopkins video; saying “I agree” to Hopkins’ argument Farage “is working against an achievable Brexit” and it’s time to “#BackBoris’.

Guido’s not sure whether Farage will be more annoyed at the deal disloyalty from Walling or the tacit endorsement of Hopkins…

UPDATE: Guido has seen an email from the Brexit Party confirming that they had removed Philip Walling yesterday November 5, and installed David Walker instead. Walker spoke at the party’s event today in support of Farage’s position.

ERG Brokering Brexit Party Stand Down Terms with Downing Street

Guido understands despite Farage’s public offer of an electoral pact being rejected by Boris, behind the scenes the ERG is trying to broker an understanding. Farage told an ERG MP yesterday he would be “looking very closely” at the Tory manifesto, as the pair discussed the ERG’s demands that Boris makes an explicit commitment to keep ‘No Deal’ on the table during the future relationship negotiations. This morning Andrew Bridgen spoke with Downing Street and CCHQ, Farage’s hint that he would stand down candidates if the ERG’s demands were met was reportedly “well-received”. Is Farage looking to dig out of his hole?

Several ERG MPs also met with Boris this morning in CCHQ, where Tory candidates and MPs were taking photos with the PM for election literature. The ERG want the Tory manifesto to include an explicit reference that the aim of the next phase of negotiations with the EU is for a simple FTA and that if no agreement is made by the end of 2020, Britain will leave on WTO terms. Last week The Times reported that Boris will remove the threat of ‘No Deal’ from the Conservative manifesto, however, several ERG MPs have told Guido this would be akin to “surrender”. Steve Baker tells Guido: Having condemned the Surrender Act it would totally bizarre to enter FTA negotiations and rule out leaving with No Deal.”

Downing Street seems to agree, this morning the PM’s spokesman categorically ruled out extending the transition beyond 2020, “the government will not be extending the transition period”. Which means there will be a year to hammer out and finalise a free trade agreement. Easily doable given the UK-EU’s existing total regulatory alignment…

Farage: Boris’ Deal is Remainer’s Brexit

Farage not Standing

Nigel Farage has told Marr he won’t stand in the upcoming general election. Perhaps he is looking at recent polling…

Brexiteer Tories Seek Compromise Pact with Farage

Guido has been speaking to Brexiteer Tory MPs about this morning’s offer from Farage that he will stand down his election efforts if Boris scraps his deal. The reactions have been varied, one MP described the offer as “desperate” whilst another said: “I think Boris and Nigel should meet this weekend and sort this out. It’s a disaster otherwise!” When Guido asked if this MP was happy with Boris’ deal they simply replied: “I want a clean break Brexit on WTO.” Even Tory MPs are using Nigel’s lines…

Several MPs were supportive of a behind-the-scenes pact where both parties put up paper candidates against each other in seats where the other has more chance of winning; with one high profile Brexiteer telling us Corbyn’s remain candidate will undoubtedly win if the Brexit Party put up a candidate against them.

Nigel Evans described Boris as a “Heineken politician… he refreshes the parts other politicians cannot reach” but warned that Farage should work on Labour seats and “let the Conservatives focus on our top 70 or so targets”. No deal between the Tories and Brexit Party could lead to the opposite of a no deal Brexit…

Trump: Corbyn “Would be so Bad for Your Country”

Impressive get for Nigel and LBC. The Brexit Party leader has an exclusive 30-minute interview with the US president tonight at 6:00 pm. Surely worth a listen…

Where Should the Brexit Party Target?

Today’s Financial Times splash focuses on rumours that the Brexit Party is preparing not to stand in hundreds of constituencies. The party is polling in low double-digits, meaning they are unlikely to win a single seat, yet it is enough to split the vote and let Remainers pip the Tories to the post, as we saw in the Brecon by-election. The Brexit Party risks preventing exactly what they were founded to deliver if they run a national slate…

Yesterday, senior party figure John Longworth MEP urged his party to focus on just “20 or 30” seats to allow a Brexiteer majority in Parliament. Guido has compiled a helpful list for Nigel of where he might want to focus:

  • Kingston upon Hull East – 72% Leave
  • Doncaster North – 71% Leave
  • Barnsley East – 71% Leave
  • Bolsover – 70% Leave
  • Wentworth and Dearne – 70% Leave
  • Hartlepool – 69% Leave
  • Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford – 69% Leave
  • Don Valley – 68% Leave
  • Rotherham – 68% Leave
  • Barnsley Central – 68% Leave
  • West Bromwich East – 68% Leave
  • Wolverhampton South East – 68% Leave
  • Hemsworth – 68% Leave
  • Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle – 68% Leave
  • Redcar – 67% Leave
  • Doncaster Central – 66% Leave
  • Burnley – 66% Leave
  • Stockton North – 66% Leave
  • Sheffield South East – 66% Leave
  • Middlesbrough – 66% Leave

UKIP historically failed to win Westminster seats because it spread resources thinly. Unlike in European elections the relentless electoral logic of first-past-the-post constituencies means a 5-Star Movement type breakthrough will not happen in Britain.  A laser-like focus on favourable seats with the limited resources and manpower available is the strategy most likely to reap rewards. A broad, thinly spread national campaign will simply result in a lot of lost deposits. Guido’s worried the Brexit Party will kill the best and perhaps last chance to leave the EU.

Tories sympathetic to Nigel have seen the polling research that shows that a Tory-Brexit Party pact will lose more Tory votes to the LibDems than it will gain from Brexit Party loyalists. The first rule of politics is to learn to count…

Leave.EU Come out in Support of Boris’s Deal

Aaron Banks’s Brexit campaign, Leave.EU, has declared its support for Boris’s new Brexit deal. The endorsement comes as Farage maintains he would rather have an extension than leaving on October 31 with the deal. Paying billions more to the EU in pursuit of a pure Brexit that is out of reach…

Leave.EU – who are among the most hardline Brexit campaign groups, and a week ago called Angela Merkal a ‘kraut’ – are the latest surprise backers of the PM’s deal, falling in line just after Stuart Rose, the Chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe. The endorsement might prove crucial to the final hardline Tory Spartans yet to decide whether to back the deal…

Brexit Party Fracturing Over Boris’ New Deal

Nigel says “I’ll give him credit. I thought Theresa May’s deal was the worst deal in history, Boris’s achievements mean it’s only the second worst deal in history. It’s still, from the point of view of a Brexiteer, completely and utterly unacceptable” Well a lot of Brexiteers do find it acceptable…

For clear evidence watch the replies on social media from people with Brexit Party logos to some of the output from the party and Nigel. Many supporters are making it clear that they accept the new deal as the best path to a Canada-style agreement and are less than keen on extending again past October 31. It is a clear sign that Nigel’s supporters are not entirely united on fighting on for a No Deal Brexit…

Guido also understands that a handful of Brexit Party MEPs are poised to back Boris’ new deal, they would rather take the new deal in hand, than risk backing a Brexit extension to win, or possibly lose, a No Deal Brexit. So far around 6 of the party’s 28 MEPs have been murmuring about backing the new agreement. Nigel’s tweeted defence of the Surrender Act together with Tice’s similarly intransigent stance risks increasingly marginalising Brexiteers who are greeting the new deal with cautious optimism.

Most would like to stop sending billions to Brussels sooner, rather than later. One source close to the Brexit Party suggested that there may even be MEP defections to Boris’ Tories down the line. The Leave Alliance strategy was predicated on Brexit not happening on October 31…

Farage Confirms he will Stand at Election

Eighth time lucky…

Labour Votes to Smash Border Controls

Despite what even the most plugged-in person may think, Labour’s conference is still ongoing – and they’ve just passed one of their most extreme motions to date: Labour’s next manifesto will effectively smash all border controls. Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to receive free healthcare…

The motion just passed by delegates pledges to:

  • Oppose the current immigration legislation and any curbing of rights
  • Campaign for free movement, equality and rights for migrants
  • Reject any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and number caps/targets
  • Close all detention centres
  • Ensure unconditional right to family reunion
  • Maintain and extend free movement rights
  • End “no recourse to public funds” policies
  • Scrap all Hostile Environment measures… and restrictions on migrants’ NHS access
  • Extend equal rights to vote to all UK residents regardless of nationality

Uncontrolled immigration, free access to the NHS for the whole world, release all detainees, votes for anyone, from anywhere, with welfare benefits for everyone who makes it across the channel. This open border policy will drive traditional Labour voters straight into Nigel Farage’s open arms…

UPDATE: Migration Watch UK has responded to Labour’s new story, saying “If these reckless policies ever reach the statute book, we will all rue the day, especially the most vulnerable in our society”. Nigel Farage is typically blunt, “Labour now officially the party of open door mass migration without control. Old Labour voters will be appalled by this.” Labour are taking their voters for mugs…

Nigel Farage Blasts ‘Pipsqueak’ Luxembourg PM

[…] Read the rest


Nigel’s Passport Unboxing

Nigel is so delighted by his new passport that he has filmed an unboxing video for his Facebook fans. The UK will get its unboxing to in just 72 days…[…] Read the rest


Nigel Gets His Passport Wish

As Britain prepares to exit the EU at the end of October, Nigel Farage has joined thousands of others in receiving his new passport and discovering the words ‘European Union’ have now been removed by the Home Office. Guido hears Nigel is genuinely delighted.[…] Read the rest


Brexit Party on Boris’s Case Already

The Brexit Party certainly aren’t planning to give Boris an easy ride, Nigel Farage and Richard Tice have already put out a statement warning that they will hold his feet to the fire on delivering Brexit by October 31st:

Farage: “I wish Boris Johnson well as Prime Minister with his ‘do or die’ pledge to deliver Brexit on October 31.

[…] Read the rest


Saj: I Applaud Nigel Farage

Interesting intervention from Sajid Javid this morning who went out of his way to defend the Brexit Party against spurious charges of extremism and even “applaud Nigel Farage” for leaving UKIP and denouncing it as “thugs and extremists” after it was hijacked by Batten and Tommy Robinson.[…] Read the rest


Farage: von der Leyen Wants an Updated Form of Communism

In his first speech in the new Parliament, Nigel Farage hit out against EU Commission nominee Ursula von der Leyen before MEPs vote to confirm her in post. Which they will because the whole thing was stitched up beforehand…

“She wants the European Union to take control of every single aspect of our lives.

[…] Read the rest


Farage: I’m Not The Right Man to be US Ambassador

Speaking to the Today Programme this morning, the Brexit Party leader played down the idea he could be the next US Ambassador, branding himself “not a diplomat”, and saying “I don’t think I am the right man for that job.” Instead he wants to play a role in forging a blueprint for a big all encompassing trade deal with the US…[…] Read the rest


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