Chris Heaton-Harris Becomes Second Minister To Resign Over May’s Corbyn Switch

Brexit Minister Chris Heaton-Harris has become the second minister to resign over May’s pivot to Corbyn last night, following his flatmate Nigel Adams this morning. Heaton-Harris warns that “every time we seek an extension to this process we diminish faith in our political system” and says he “simply cannot support any further extension to Article 50”:

By Guido’s count this makes him the seventh Brexit minister to resign under Theresa May…

Minister Resigns Over May’s Corbyn Talks

Wales Minister and Government Whip Nigel Adams has resigned from the Government this morning over The Prime Minister’s new approach giving unprecedented power to shape Brexit to a man she has repeatedly told the nation is “a threat to national security”. Hardly surprising…

“I believe we have two great challenges. We must deliver the Brexit the people voted for. And we must prevent the calamity of a Corbyn government.

Sadly. I fear that we are now at risk of simultaneously failing in both.”

Read the full resignation letter here:

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Boris Boys’ Adams & Berry Get Jobs

Key Boris lieutenants Nigel Adams and Jake Berry have been promoted into government. Berry is the Northern Powerhouse Minister and Guido hears it will be announced later that Nigel will be put in the Whips Office.

Always useful for a leadership campaign to have whips experience…

Leave Heavers Tug For Victory

Always keen to see an MP at the end of a rope, Guido popped down to the annual parliamentary Tug of War last night (all proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support). Ladies first – Macmillan employees versus Therese Coffey’s team of MPs. Kelly Tolhurst chose the losing side again…

Then the men’s Lords v Commons bout, which saw well-built Remainiacs Alec Shelbrooke (his sixth tug of war appearance) trialling the phrase “Remain” instead of “Stay” as a rallying cry to team-mates. Though in the end it was the Leave heavers who made the difference – hardman captain Mike Penning and Eurosceptic musclemen Nigel Adams and David Burrowes tugged their team to victory. Even the Daily Politics’ Giles Dilnot turning out as a ringer for the Lords couldn’t stop them. Highlight was Bercow calling Shelbrooke “a very big bloke” – Shelbers replied “it’s all relative…”

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