Sturgeon: Blackford’s Backing of Sex Pest Grady “Utterly Unacceptable”

Nicola Sturgeon has finally spoken out against Ian Blackford and the other SNP MPs for their backing of disgraced sex pest Patrick Grady. Having flown back to Britain from her Italian climate change summit, Sturgeon condemned the group – who were recorded clapping along for Grady earlier this week – for their “utterly unacceptable” behaviour during a FMQs session this afternoon:

The recording of the Westminster group meeting I think reveals part of what was wrong in that case. Indeed some of the individuals who were recorded at that meeting have already said this themselves. It demonstrated – and I wasn’t at the meeting, so whether this is an accurate overall reflection of discussion, I can’t comment on – but what I have heard suggests that more concern was shown for the perpetrator of this behaviour than was shown for the victim of it. I think that is utterly unacceptable and that is something I will be very clear about.”

Meanwhile Blackford’s own apology for the incident has been dismissed as a “cop out” by Brady’s victim…


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Sturgeon Flies to Italy for Climate Summit

With Ian Blackford on the ropes over his backing of sex pest Patrick Grady, now would be a good time for the First Minister to get in front of the cameras and actually say something. Maybe try to explain why a bunch of her own party’s MPs were caught clapping in support of a colleague suspended for sexual harassment. Not so.

Instead, she’s jetted off to Italy for a few days in the sunshine to attend the Global Women Leaders’ Summit, where she’ll talk about “protecting women’s rights, driving gender equality & tackling climate change”. Arriving in Bellagio via a flight which pumps out approximately 200 kg CO2…

No doubt Guido won’t be the only one to spot the problem here. In October 2021, Green Party co-leader – and Sturgeon’s own Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity – tweeted this just before COP26:

“We need our leadership to *change* how they do things.” How’s that going? Well, the leader of her own government certainly didn’t get to Bellagio by bus.

Exactly what Sturgeon plans to say at the summit is anyone’s guess. Perhaps someone will ask her how she’ll “protect women’s rights” when her own government is now removing the words “women” and “girls” from medical advice leaflets. Or maybe it’s worth questioning how she’ll do anything to sway global climate policy when international relations aren’t even in the gift of Holyrood. Either way, at least it’s currently 26 degrees in Bellagio, although thunderstorms are forecast for later today…

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SNP Oppose ‘Illegally’ Changing Northern Ireland Protocol Despite Advocating Illegal Independence Referendum

As the UK prepares to overhaul parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Richard Thomson MP – the SNP’s shadow Northern Ireland spokesperson – has found himself stuck between a rock and a hard place: how can he attack the government for changing the protocol while also supporting the SNP’s plans to unlawfully ram through another independence referendum, even without Westminster’s legal required consent? Surely, if he thinks the former is illegal and should be prevented, so should the latter?

Thomson apparently hasn’t given this question much thought. Yesterday, he declared the UK’s plan is “utterly reckless and dangerous”, and suggested it breaks international law: 

“The UK Government has form when it comes to breaching international law. However, this latest threat to unilaterally scrap aspects of the Northern Ireland protocol […] is utterly reckless and dangerous. Rather than reneging on its commitments the UK government should instead be working constructively to address the particular challenges facing Northern Ireland while ensuring that the Good Friday Agreement is protected.” 

Yet even ignoring – as the EU appear to be doing – the fact that Article 13.8 allows for changes if the protocol is disrupting everyday life, it’s surprising to see Thomson suddenly develop an acute understanding and respect for the letter of the law. Speaking last month on the SNP’s plan to hold another referendum, Thomson said:

“Everybody knows there is a referendum in the works, it’s priced in […] I am confident the legislation will be laid in order to allow for a referendum in 2023. I have full confidence in the Scottish Government that it will deliver on that.”

Which has much the same tone as the government’s line on the Northern Ireland Protocol in relation to the EU. Nicola Sturgeon has now confirmed the SNP is prepared to steam ahead with that referendum legislation even without the permission of the UK Government – as is actually required under international* law:

“if we are to uphold democracy here in Scotland we must forge a way forward, if necessary, without a section 30 order.”

First he condmens the UK’s supposed threat to “breach international law“, now his own leader is preparing for an illegal referendum. Thomson must be furious.

*Scotland is a separate nation from England, don’t bother emailing.
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One Rule for the English Prime Minister, Another for Scottish and Welsh First Ministers…

Even those intent on tuning out of politics over the bank holiday weekend would have been hard pressed to miss the row north of Hadrian’s Wall when Sturgeon broke her own Covid mask laws, which she had doggedly refused to scrap. Despite this being the second time the Covid Queen’s been caught breaking her own rules – supposedly put in place to protect the health of her citizens – the police only spoke to her “to remind her of the importance of wearing a face covering when there is a legal requirement to do so.”

It all begs the question, why is it just No. 10 and No. 11 residents to have been given Fixed Penalty Notices for breaking Covid rules?

Twitter responds “because they made the rules” whenever anyone suggests keeping a sense of proportionality about the Downing Street rule-breaking birthday party. In the cases of Sturgeon and Drakeford they too made their national rules. As Labour say, it really does look like one rule for Downing Street and another rule for everyone else…

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Sturgeon’s Book Publisher Still Under Investigation for Fraud

Back in November Guido reported on how Sandstone Press, the publisher of Nicola Sturgeon’s little tartan book, was facing fraud allegations for trousering over £295,000 of taxpayers’ cash in loans and grants since 2019. A figure which actually rises to £500,000 when accounting for the grants from Creative Scotland over the last 15 years…

Last night the police confirmed the investigation into Sandstone is still ongoing, with rival firm Strident Publishing accusing them of lying about the number of people they employed, and deliberately changing the location of the firm to an area which would allow them to claim more financial support. Not to mention the fact that the company’s managing director, Robert Davidson, is a vocal SNP supporter… 

Her “nationalised publisher” under investigation and national press now banned from her manifesto launch. Is it any wonder Chairman Nicola named her book after a Mao quote?

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Sturgeon Backtracks on Plan to Lift All Covid Restrictions

Nicola Sturgeon has announced mask laws in enclosed public spaces and on public transport have been extended until at least April across Scotland, despite previously planning to rescind them on March 21stSpooked by a spike in cases again, this time over yet another variant, Sturgeon insisted the move was “prudent”:

“Given the current spike in case numbers, we consider it prudent to retain this requirement and regulation for a short period. I know this will be disappointing… [however] this will provide some additional protection.”

Sturgeon also slammed Westminster’s decision to roll back testing infrastructure in England by the end of this month, claiming limited central funding to Scotland prevents Holyrood from extending their own testing programme beyond the end of April. Yet again, Sturgeon’s bottled it over an inevitable rise in cases. Scotland and Wales also brought back restrictions over Christmas, with almost no effect on cases or hospitalisation rates compared to England. Given face masks haven’t been required in England for a month and cases here are lower, you don’t have to be an epidemiologist to reckon they may not be the solution Sturgeon’s hoping for…

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