Lib Dem Chelsea Candidate’s Geographical Confusion

Nicola Horlick is the Lib Dems’ questionable choice for their target of Chelsea and Fulham. Seemingly she doesn’t know the area particularly well as her leaflet was posted through the doors of hundreds of Battersea residents yesterday. Candidates do sometimes accidentally stray into other constituencies but it’s impressive to end up delivering leaflets to the wrong side of the river…

Perhaps it’s no surprise that on Any Questions Horlick said: “In London people are just so unfriendly.” She might want to get to know the people she wants to represent a little better…

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Chelsea LibDems Make It Horlicks

Nicola Horlick earned the sobriquet “super-woman” after flying to Frankfurt to tackle her banker bosses in an employment row, accompanied by a load of hacks to write her up admirably. She’s always been good at marketing herself to the media, a skill she will no doubt deploy now she has been selected for the LibDems. Her actual business career since then has been less than super;

  • At Deutsche Asset Management she presided over the Peter Young Scandal
  • Bees and Honey, her venture aimed at retail investors was abandoned before it could even fly
  • Bramdean, her fund of funds, invested in Bernie Madoff
  • Georgina’s, her Barnes restaurant’s closure after 18 months was blamed on Barnes being “full of mothers with children who don’t go out much at night”.
  • Money & Co, her latest bandwagon peer-to-peer lending operation has reportedly slashed its staff numbers.

Her timing might be seen as opportunist to jump in with the LibDems, however it is clearly time to quit business…

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Lib Dem London Selection Mess

As Guido reported back in September, the Lib Dems have now confirmed former fund manager Nicola Horlick as their candidate for Chelsea and Fulham. Local Tory incumbent Greg Hands is already having fun with the news on Twitter, pointing to an article Horlick wrote saying vote for Corbyn and calling for a Hung Parliament. Despite being known as a “superwoman” fund manager, her crowdfunding business fired all but one of its employees last year and lost £1.4 million…

Meanwhile in neighbouring Kensington, there is a big rift in the Lib Dem party with many members apparently not happy about the selection of  Lutfur Rahman protege Rabina Khan who has been a member of both the dodgy Tower Hamlets First party and Labour. A local Lib Dem source gets in touch to tell Guido the party have selected a “nutty carpet bagger.” Expect big fallouts once Brexit is done…

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‘SuperWoman’ in the Running for Chelsea & Fulham?

Guido hears a rumour that Nicola Horlick, the “Superwoman” fund manager, is in the running to be the LibDem candidate for Fulham & Chelsea. Louise Rowntree, the former candidate says “Wouldn’t she be great? She’d give Greg Hands a run for his money.” It has been impossible to find out anything officially from the LibDems because they don’t answer the phone.

Horlick is a fanatical remainer, she thinks what is happening following the referendum “is reminiscent of the 1930s.” She backs the LibDems and it is in her family tradition, her father Michael Gayford, stood unsuccessfully as a Liberal candidate in the 1970s for the Wirral constituency.  Her flagship crowdfunding business reported a loss of £1.4 million last year and slashed its staff from twelve to one, so she may be thinking it is a good time for a change of career from finance…

UPDATE: Guido reader Philip Thomas gets in touch:

“I stood for Labour against Michael Gayford in the October 1974. His campaign was based on attacking Selwyn Lloyd’s record on Suez which had occurred 18 years earlier!!!!! Obviously Horlick is continuing the family tradition of being out of date.”

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