Enfield Council Leader Reports Opposition to Police for Using Word ‘Regime’

The leader of loony left Enfield Council has reported the opposition to the police for calling her regime a regime. In an extraordinary outburst on Twitter, Labour Council Leader Nesil Caliskan piled in on a Conservative Councillor who called the Council’s low traffic neighbourhood scheme “undemocratic” as residents did not want them. Caliskan responded to the complaint over its lack of public consultation by saying:

Conservative Cllrs have repeatedly called Enfield Council a ‘regime’. Insults with islamophobic undertones.

This video says administration is undemocratic & for me to be ‘removed’ immediately. This is hate speech. It’s dog-whistle politics & undermines decent political debate.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Caliskan went on to say:

“FYI, I have reported to police & encourage anyone who has similar hate experiences to do same so we can capture prevalence of discrimination.”

Yes, you read that right – the council leader, who recently lost an appeal over bullying allegations, has called in the police over regular political language. Nesil Caliskan is a complete idiot. 

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Labour Councillors Passed £7,608 Pay Rise (Obviously)

On Wednesday, Guido highlighted plans by Labour councillors in Enfield to boost councillor’s pay by up to £7,608 in the midst of a pandemic that has left local authorities cash-strapped. It then came as no surprise to see Labour councillors pass the pay rise at this week’s council meeting, with only two of their cohort abstaining. The pay rise will use up tens of thousands of pounds from of the council’s dwindling funds…

Unsurprisingly Guido can find countless Enfield Labour councillors who have Tweeted concerns about the council’s drying-up cash reserves, including finance portfolio holding Cllr Mary Maguire.

Her budget concerns mustn’t have been at the forefront of her mind when yesterday she described the pay rises as “extremely important”. Similarly, council leader Nesil Caliskan, who a week ago warned ofcatastrophic cuts” due to councils’ £1.3 billion deficit, defended the thousand-pound pay rises, saying “not everyone has a trust fund.” Similarly, Caliskan’s council has no trust nor funds…

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Enfield’s Labour Councillors Propose £7,608 Pay Rise for Themselves

Whilst the nation is facing economic uncertainty and people are worried about their jobs, Enfield’s Labour Leader Nesil Caliskan is proposing to raise councillor allowances by thousands of pounds. New proposals increase basic allowances by £159 yet the big rises are in Special Responsibility Allowances.

  • Any member who serves on the North London Waste Authority is in for a £7,608 increase if they don’t already receive an Special Responsibility Allowance.
  • The Labour Chair of the Pensions and Policy Committee is in for a rise of £6,708.
  • Another Associate Cabinet Member post is being created meaning another Labour member will earn £7,608 extra with many having no clue what an ACM actually does…..

Council leader Caliksan recently said that the council was facing “financial catastrophe” due to COVID-19. The council is cyber-voting on the pay rise tonight – let’s see if the ‘cash strapped’ councillors can find the money to line their own pockets…

This all comes on the day Keir Starmer is warning of a “black hole of around £10bn” in council finances. That hole could be a little smaller if Labour councillors stopped giving themselves massive pay rises…

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