Natalie’s Making Blackberry Moonshine

Usually it is those of us of a more libertarian bent who rail against regulations that prevent individuals with enterprise creating goods and services which do no harm to others. Growing your own cannabis, picking psilocybin mushrooms for traditional religious festivals or brewing your own moonshine for personal consumption is celebrated by most of us with free market leanings. It is usually interfering nanny staters like the Green Party who want to regulate, ban and tax the voluntary exchange of goods and services between consenting adults…

Natalie is making her own “BlackBerry Whiskey” – sounds like a cracking idea. However it is actually illegal to manufacture spirits in the UK without a distiller’s licence as required under the provisions of Section 12 of the Alcoholic Liquor Duties Act 1979 and this includes manufacture for “own or domestic use”. Public Notice 39 – “Spirits production in the UK” provides details of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs’ requirements – they are quite draconian. If Natalie is brewing whiskey, she has got a distiller’s licence, right?Natalie is a relentless campaigner for tighter regulation of food production, the distilling of spirits has been regulated for centuries – home distillers having a tendency to produce moonshine that blinded consumers or poisoned them. Natalie is in favour of coming down hard food producers who break the law…

UPDATE: Some are suggesting that she is merely infusing blackberries into whiskey. This is a worse crime. Ruins the whiskey.

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Campaign Report: 17 Days to Go

nathalie bennett bse bus

Leave message: Stay and we’ll be paying for the Eurozone’s failure.

Remain message: Cameron, Farron, Harman and Bennett united: Leave must make plans clear.

Cut through: Polls changing drastically in Leave’s favour.

Leave social media count: 456,041 likes, 51,907 followers.

Remain social media count: 456,247 likes, 34,318 followers.

Odds: Remain 4/9, Leave between 11/5

Latest poll: Remain 43% (-1), Leave 48% (+1) (ICM, online). Poll of Polls is now Remain 51%, Leave 49%.

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Bennett Battle Bus’ Giant Carbon Footprint


Natalie Bennett told Britain to vote Remain to save the planet this morning. Standing in front of a 12.4 tonne BSE battle bus…

Guido’s data bods have been crunching the numbers. A very conservative estimate tracks the bus as having covered some 900 miles since April. With the six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz Tourino boasting just 14.1 miles per gallon, it has used at least 63.8 gallons of fuel – 290 litres – on its journey round the country. That’s roughly equivalent to two entire barrels of oil, or a carbon footprint of one tonne of carbon dioxide. Sure Nat’s bike saved a few litres, though…

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Natalie Bennett’s Best Bits

The grass is always greener…

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All Change at Green Party HQ

green party jobs

The Green Party have embarked on a hiring spree, advertising for a new Chief Executive Officer, Head of Operations, Head of Party Development and Head of Communications. How long before their glorious leader Natalie Bennett is put out to pasture

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Knives Out For Natalie: Greens Turn on Leader at Mayoral Hustings


Gaia spent his Saturday at the Green Party mayoral hustings in London, to watch the notoriously backstabbing bunch turn on their leader once again. Housing spokesman Tom Chance cattily warned that the Greens should take a chance on someone who “won’t fall apart when asked a tricky question.” Whoever could he mean?

Gaia approached Tom after the event and asked if he had anyone particular in mind:

“Well, I was thinking about Natalie Bennett and her housing interview on LBC… when you go into an interview without understanding the facts, people start to see us as less credible.”

After he finished slagging off his leader, Tom asked Gaia how long he had been a member of the Green Party. Your reporter made his excuses and left…

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