Financiers Launch Funds to Track Politicians’ Trades

Investors could soon have the chance to capitalise on the inside knowledge of US politicians, as two ETFs are set to launch. The two funds, dubbed NANC and KRUZ in honour of Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz, track the trades of Democrat and Republican politicians respectively. The investment opportunity is only made possible by the failure of US lawmakers to pass bipartisan reforms to ban congressional trading. No conflict of interest there…

The move comes amidst scrutiny of congressional trading, with over $290 million being spent in 2021, and could prove lucrative considering congressional trades outperformed the market last year. Co-conspirators curious of capital movements on Capitol Hill can also track congressional trades at Capitoltrades. This article does not constitute financial advice…

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Read in Full: Lindsay Hoyle’s Letter to US Speaker Pelosi

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle has written to Nancy Pelosi to express his “shock at last night’s events in the Capitol”:

“Dear Nancy

I just wanted to express my shock at last night’s events in the Capitol, and to offer you my solidarity against such unprovoked violence.

Seeing your office trashed in that way and its occupation by one of the rioters was particularly outrageous. I am just so relieved you were not hurt, although I can only imagine how violated you must feel after having a protester at your desk.

I hope none of your personal effects were damaged, particularly the lovely picture you so proudly showed me of Churchill’s address to the joint session of US Congress in 1941, which was witnessed by your father.

Suffice to say, you are in my thoughts and prayers – and I look forward to welcoming you to the UK later this year.

With warmest wishes Lindsay
Sir Lindsay Hoyle Speaker of the House of Commons”

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Pelolsi Warns UK Food and Drug Standards Are Too Low for US Trade Deal

In a funny twist of the arguments around a US-UK trade deal, US protectionists are now deploying the same tactics left wingers in the UK have been using for years. While some in the UK are desperate to portray the US as an unliveably low standard country, the most senior elected Democrat has started scaremongering against what she sees as a lower standard UK when it comes to food and drug regulation. You couldn’t make it up…

“I think we have to be very careful about what happens in the UK. We have very stringent rules in terms of the food and drug administration here.”

“My concern is that the UK’s system for that kind of judgement is not on a par with ours in the United States.”

Sounds like the Speaker of the House would get along famously with Jamie Oliver

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