Tory MPs’ Brexit Party Tease

Fair to say that some Tory MPs seem more worried about the rise of the Brexit Party than others, Alan Duncan has gone into panic spinning mode against Farage, more level-headed sorts like James Cleverly are pointing out that the Tories should be asking why their voters are switching rather than vilifying them. Some don’t seem to be too upset at all…

Nadine Dorries praised Nigel Farage’s “fantastic interview” on Marr yesterday, Henry Smith told his local paper that Farage was a better leader than May. Lucy Allan hit back at Duncan’s Marr outburst, having already shared the Brexit Party’s election broadcast the day before:

It’s not the first time Allan’s approvingly shared Brexit Party content, while her Conservative-themed cover photo has also recently disappeared from her Twitter profile and ‘Brexit’ has appeared in her bio. Talk of defections is a bit premature but it’s hardly surprising that many Leave-supporting MPs are ashamed to be Tories right now…

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Getting Brexit Over the Line

Nadine Dorries on Brexiteer fears

“I can feel a growing consensus among a number of MPs — faced with these Europhile kamakaze MPs, who really don’t care about their careers going up in flames, who want to overturn parliamentary tradition in order to stop Brexit — I think many people are now realizing that we would support this deal to get it over the line. Because every day here is a dangerous day at the moment. We may have to see that this is a deal, we will have to swallow our pride, swallow what we would prefer, and vote for it.”

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Nadine Dorries Blasts ‘Handful’ of ERGers in Mammoth WhatsApp Message

Nadine Dorries couldn’t make the ERG’s 6pm meeting last night and so instead has sent a list of seven key points she would have liked to have raised. She hits out at members who have “let the ERG down as a group”, those who see themselves as “above” sending a letter, and those who are constantly briefing journalists.

Read the mammoth message in full here:

At 6pm, I will be chairing the finance bill on the floor of the house and therefore, cannot attend the meeting. 
If I were there, I would be very, very  keen to speak and make the following points. I would be grateful if the chairman would  acknowledge my comments during the meeting. 

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Chequers Plan Not Acceptable to Most Conservatives

Nadine says openly what most Tories think privately…

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Raab’s One Job

Nadine Dorries says

“Dominic Raab has one job and that is to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.”

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Nadine: Soubry Has Lost the Plot

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