Tory MPs Fall for Doctored Starmer Video

Minister Nadine Dorries and MPs Maria Caulfield and Lucy Allen were caught out this morning when sharing an edited video of Sir Keir supposedly explaining why he didn’t prosecute grooming gangs when he was head of the CPS. Dorries and Allen both deleted their shares, with Caulfield going one step further and deleting her Twitter account altogether. Good advice to MPs is make a habit of blocking accounts like this to avoid future screw-ups…

Momentum hordes have naturally piled in on the mistaken trio, who thus far haven’t shown the same concern over Momentum-doctored videos when sharing the disingenuously spliced Boris This Morning “take it on the chin” clip in their droves.

Guido doubts those same lefties will be making their fake news concerns consistent any time soon…

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Tory MPs Food Shortage Joke

It’s not all doom and gloom in the Tory MPs Whatsapp chat, with recently-recovered Health Minister Nadine Dorries sharing a video meme yesterday demonstrating one way of beating the empty shelves. One unamused colleague of hers claims “it’s not a good look”…

Guido found it pretty funny…

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Craig’s Self-Isolating for a Second Time After Kissing Nadine

The rumour mill is buzzing this morning over which cabinet minister has gone into self-isolation, with the press agreeing not to name them until their test comes back around midday. In the meantime, a slight farce has sparked over at Westminster Digital – the firm which specialises in making videos for MPs – as founder Craig Dillon has had to self-isolate for a second time over Coronavirus scares. Craig was one of the first Londoners to be tested back in January after returning from China and coming down with an illness. He’s once again staying at home after greeting Nadine Dorries with a kiss at last Thursday’s International Women’s Day reception – where he was filming a ‘day in the life’ video for Anne-Marie Trevelyan:

Craig joins the six MPs now self-isolating, so far…

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People Who Met Nadine Told to Self-Isolate

Nadine Dorries – the health minister who helped draft the government’s anti-Coronavirus legislation – has been diagnosed as the first MP to contract the virus. Whilst it’s bad news for Nadine and her staffer as well as Nadine’s mother who have both shown symptoms, it’s even more worrying for Westminster more widely. Officially there were only 5 confirmed cases in Westminster yesterday. Don’t be surprised if SW1 soon becomes a hotspot for the pandemic…

The Public Health England website states Coronavirus generally spreads after spending “more than 15 minutes within two metres of an infected person, such as talking to someone.” So who should perhaps be self-isolating?

  • MP Rachael Maskell has announced 111 have advised she self-isolate after a meeting with Dorries last Thursday
  • Anyone in the Department for Health (apparently Matt Hancock feels fine)
  • The 50 constituents who attended Nadine’s Saturday surgery (which she held even though she was beginning to feel ill on Thursday)
  • Attendees of No. 10’s Women’s Day Reception last Thursday, including:
    • The PM himself
    • Carrie Symonds
    • Liz Truss
    • Founder of STEMettes Anne-Marie Imafidon
    • Grazia editor Hattie Brett
    • Olympic medalist Dame Kelly Holmes
    • Fifty girls in Year 9 who are due to make their GCSE choices
    • Female students from the Westminster Kingsway Catering School.

Best wishes to Nadine and all who met her…

UPDATE: Boris is not being tested for coronavirus as Guido is told he is not displaying symptoms and was not in close personal contact with Nadine Dorries at Thursday’s Number 10 reception. He’s regularly washing his hands…

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Tory MPs’ Brexit Party Tease

Fair to say that some Tory MPs seem more worried about the rise of the Brexit Party than others, Alan Duncan has gone into panic spinning mode against Farage, more level-headed sorts like James Cleverly are pointing out that the Tories should be asking why their voters are switching rather than vilifying them. Some don’t seem to be too upset at all…

Nadine Dorries praised Nigel Farage’s “fantastic interview” on Marr yesterday, Henry Smith told his local paper that Farage was a better leader than May. Lucy Allan hit back at Duncan’s Marr outburst, having already shared the Brexit Party’s election broadcast the day before:

It’s not the first time Allan’s approvingly shared Brexit Party content, while her Conservative-themed cover photo has also recently disappeared from her Twitter profile and ‘Brexit’ has appeared in her bio. Talk of defections is a bit premature but it’s hardly surprising that many Leave-supporting MPs are ashamed to be Tories right now…

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Getting Brexit Over the Line

Nadine Dorries on Brexiteer fears

“I can feel a growing consensus among a number of MPs — faced with these Europhile kamakaze MPs, who really don’t care about their careers going up in flames, who want to overturn parliamentary tradition in order to stop Brexit — I think many people are now realizing that we would support this deal to get it over the line. Because every day here is a dangerous day at the moment. We may have to see that this is a deal, we will have to swallow our pride, swallow what we would prefer, and vote for it.”

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