Guardian Appeal to Government With ‘Hope Boris Dies’ Actor

This morning’s Guardian led with a plea from prominent actors to open new Brexit talks to ease up visa rules for artists travelling to the continent. Of the famous faces leading the campaign, one they splashed on the front page was just about the worst person they could have chosen to influence No. 10: Miriam Margolyes. Last year the actress sparked hundreds of Ofcom complaints for a TV outburst shortly after Boris left hospital, suffering from Coronavirus. Margolyes told Channel 4’s The Last Leg:

“I had difficulty not wanting Boris Johnson to die, I wanted him to die, and then I thought that reflects badly on me and I don’t want to be the sort of person who wants people to die.”

Guido points out to the Guardian it’d be hard for Boris to restart Brexit talks if Margolyes’s wish had been fulfilled. Can’t restart talks if you’re dead…

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