Local Tories Furious as “Meddling” Hands Ignores Concerns to Select Mike Wood in Gavin Williamson’s Old Seat

The approval of Mike Wood MP as the candidate for the new seat of Kingswinford & South Staffordshire has gone down like the proverbial bucket of cold sick, after Greg Hands has been accused of intervening to stitch-up the process. Mike had a clear first stab at the re-jigged constituency, comprised of his own seat and Gavin Williamson’s current home, after Gavin opted for the new Stone, Great Wyrley and Penkridge seat instead. Local Tories weren’t going to let this happen so easily.

The contest to approve Mike’s re-adoption was incredibly close fought and tensions boiled over after one activist was found to have cast their vote despite having an invalid membership. According to one local source, this lead to an “enormous” number of local complaints and they had right to be aggrieved. Due to the close nature of the contest, Guido hears that one vote could have been “meaningful”…

Following these developments, the South Staffordshire Area Chairman wrote to activists, explaining that he had sent a report to CCHQ detailing potential next steps. This was swiftly ignored following “a recommendation” from the Party Chairman and Mike Wood was successfully adopted. Unsurprisingly, local activists, who still hold animosity towards CCHQ after controversy surrounding nearby MP Theo Clarke’s re-selection, aren’t happy. One activist said Greg had to make sure “his cronies got what they wanted” as another involved in the selection lamented that “all I want to see is democracy”. CCHQ invariably tries to tip the scales in favour of incumbents. Nevertheless it all seems a bit heavy handed from Greg.

Co-conspirators can read the full letter from the Staffordshire Area Chairman below:

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Labour Activist’s “Bomb Scare” Threat Against Tory Dinner

A hard left Labour activist forced the cancellation of a Conservative Association dinner with the threat of “bomb scares”.  Peter Ward, who previously worked as an aide to former Batley and Spen Labour MP Mike Wood, made the sick warning on social media. Ward wrote:

“Sounds like a good night for bomb scares. What about contacting the firms who supply this catering outfit? Lots of scope for a fun event.”

The threat was one in a series which led to the cancellation of the Dewsbury County Conservative Association dinner, due to be held at the National Coal Mining Museum in March. The owner of the catering firm involved said police were forced to patrol his premises and home following a wave of vile hard left intimidation. Guido has contacted the Labour Party for comment. Will Labour take action against their bomb scare activist? 

UPDATE: Peter Ward has issued an apology:

“Recently I made a stupid remark on Facebook with regard to a Conservative party fundraiser at the National Coal Miners Museum, the comment has today been published in the Dewsbury Press. I meant the comment as a joke but realise that it was an unacceptable thing to joke about. I apologise unreservedly.”     

A Labour Party spokesperson said:

“Peter Ward has apologised for a crass and insensitive remark and realises it was an unacceptable thing to say. He has been reminded of his responsibilities as a Labour Party member and warned about his future conduct.”

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Tory MP Recovering From Coma Makes Brexit Vote

Tory MP Mike Wood was in a coma on life support for the second reading of the Brexit bill and still in intensive care for the third reading, after surviving a septic shock. Today he makes it to parliament in a wheelchair to vote. Get well soon, Mike. Puts migraines into perspective.

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