MP Pay Freeze Early Day Motion Tabled

Hemel Hempstead MP Mike Penning has been in touch with Guido to say he has tabled an Early Day Motion on today’s order paper, calling on the Government to freeze MPs’ pay if public sector pay as a whole is frozen. The text of the EDM states:

“That this House calls on the Government not to bring in a public sector pay freeze; notes that the public sector, including our armed forces, has done the country proud during the covid-19 pandemic crisis and all too often has gone beyond the call of duty and put their lives at risk; and further notes that if such a pay freeze is contemplated hon. Members should be included in such a freeze as they are public sector employees.

Yesterday the Prime Minister’s official spokesman announced that Boris agrees with Guido’s campaign to freeze the pay of MPs. He joins a host of MPs who have contacted Guido to say they would refuse a pay rise in solidarity with other public sector workers if a freeze is brought in.

Meanwhile IPSA are now saying that “no decision has been made” on MP pay, despite last month proposing in a report to link MP pay to public sector wage growth using October’s three-month average rise – amounting to an inflation busting 4.1% hike. Yet the problem is the only way to guarantee MP pay restraint is with new legislation. Guido will keep up the pressure until it’s there in black and white.

See the list of MPs opposing a pay rise below:

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Knighthood For Grumbling Ex-Minister

Mike Penning was sacked by Theresa May in June and was accused by colleagues of being one of the grumbling MPs on board with the move against the PM last week. Well, he’s just been given a knighthood. Suppose that’s one way to keep him happy…

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Leave Heavers Tug For Victory

Always keen to see an MP at the end of a rope, Guido popped down to the annual parliamentary Tug of War last night (all proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support). Ladies first – Macmillan employees versus Therese Coffey’s team of MPs. Kelly Tolhurst chose the losing side again…

Then the men’s Lords v Commons bout, which saw well-built Remainiacs Alec Shelbrooke (his sixth tug of war appearance) trialling the phrase “Remain” instead of “Stay” as a rallying cry to team-mates. Though in the end it was the Leave heavers who made the difference – hardman captain Mike Penning and Eurosceptic musclemen Nigel Adams and David Burrowes tugged their team to victory. Even the Daily Politics’ Giles Dilnot turning out as a ringer for the Lords couldn’t stop them. Highlight was Bercow calling Shelbrooke “a very big bloke” – Shelbers replied “it’s all relative…”

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