Former Hartlepool Labour MP Faces Possible Criminal Inquiry Following Sexual Assault Claims

A central London employment tribunal has found that the former Labour MP for Hartlepool Mike Hill “marginalised” and “sexually assaulted” his parliamentary staff member Ms A, after he climbed into bed with her, then made her redundant after she rejected his advances and declarations of love.

Ms A told the tribunal that Hill, who was married at the time, conducted a campaign of sexual harassment and bullying over a 16-month period which included “rubbing his erection against her” 11 December 2017 and “sexual assaults on occasions at the Westminster office”. On March 16th 2021 Guido revealed that Hill would resign as an MP, a move which prompted the Hartlepool by-election won by Conservative MP Jill Mortimer…

In a statement released through her solicitor Ms A said she was “extraordinarily disappointed” with how the Labour Party dealt with the complaint. In March Guido reported that Hill was re-admitted to the Labour Party one month after his suspension in what looked like a cover-up. Additionally Kate Hollern resigned from the shadow cabinet after allegedly trying to isolate Ms A for making the allegations against Mike Hill. Suzanne McKie, Ms A’s legal advisor, said her client was now likely to make contact with the police regarding Hill’s behaviour… 

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Mike Hill Banned by Parliament Over Sexual Misconduct Findings

Lindsay Hoyle today banned Mike Hill from parliament after an independent expert panel found he had breached Parliament’s sexual misconduct policy before quitting earlier this year. Two complaints were upheld by the IEP against the former Hartlepool MP relating to sexual misconduct; the findings of which were told to Hill in March, 11 days prior to Guido revealing his resignation. 

Because of his resignation, the panel were unable to sanction him, however warned had he not “a significant sanction would have been under consideration”

In the light his resignation however, the sub-panel concluded that no available sanction met the facts of this case and the specific circumstances of the Responder. They therefore did not impose or recommend a sanction”

The Speaker has, however, stripped Hill of his right to a former Member’s pass. Just one month after imposing the same sanction on Jared O’Mara…

Read the damning report in full:

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Labour Slammed for Failing Mike Hill Accuser

As Guido pointed out when breaking the news on Tuesday, Hartlepool MP Mike Hill will conveniently bow out just before his pending sexual harassment tribunal in May. The story is a squalid one that Guido spent time highlighting last year: Labour removed the whip in September 2019 when the allegations from a former member of staff surfaced, only to then restore it under false pretences of the complaint being withdrawn in order for the Corbyn-friendly MP to stand in the 2019 election. The complaint was never withdrawn, merely “parked” pending the outcome of an investigation by the Commons complaint committee…

Suzanne McKie QC, who’s representing the claimant, has now come out swinging; attacking the Labour Party as having been in “radio silence” for the past 18 months, and slamming both Corbyn and Starmer for failing to offer support to her client – at the cost of “significant distress, lost employment and had not had access to counselling”. Labour has massive questions to answer about their handling of the case – whether Hill is in or out of the Commons…

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Mike Hill Resigns as Labour Hartlepool MP

After catching wind of the strong rumours last night, Labour has confirmed to Guido that Hartlepool MP Mike Hill is quitting as MP.

Hill has been going through a sexual harassment complaint by a former staffer, due to go to an employment tribunal in mid-May – Guido understands the resignation is related. Labour has apparently been desperate to avoid a north east constituency by-election date on May 6th given Boris’s current vaccine bounce…

UPDATE: Sources close to the Reform Party leader, Richard Tice, say he is “actively considering the matter” of standing in the seat he fought in the 2019 general election. Labour had a majority of 3,595. The Brexit Party in the constituency got 10,603 in 2019.  The question for Tice is where will all them Brexit votes go?

UPDATE II: Dodds says the by-election will be “challenging

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Mayor Who Called For More Restrictions Blasts New Restrictions

Independent Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston was busy calling for stricter restrictions days before they were announced by the Health Secretary yesterday. Back on Tuesday Preston said “our infection rate is growing at an alarming rate and Covid has already caused too much damage and pain to families around our town for us to stand by” adding it was “time to act”, asking the Government for tighter restrictions. Yet upon their announcement, Preston was scathing, calling the new measures “unacceptable” and adding “as things stand we defy the government”.

He is in the same boat as Labour’s calamity Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, who on Wednesday called for tighter restrictions, only to slam the imposition of harsher restrictions on Thursday evening.

Mayor Preston’s argument is that he asked for different restrictions that did not go as far as those imposed on other parts of the North East. Yet Guido can reveal a council communication that was sent from one senior house official to another council, showing that Middlesborough did ask for the same restrictions that were imposed on the “LA7” – those other parts of the North East. Oops.

Read the leaked communication below:

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Hartlepool MP Heading for Sexual Harassment Hearing

A month after his suspension for sexual harassing a staffer, the BBC reported in October that the claims against Labour’s Hartlepool MP Mike Hill had been dropped. His subsequent reinstatement to the Labour Party conveniently allowed Hill to stand as a candidate in the December election. It was not dropped.

The complaint by Hill’s former staffer was “parked” pending the outcome of an investigation by Parliament’s independent complaints committee. They did not, however, withdraw their complaint – indeed they made a complaint to the police; and Guido now learns the employment dispute is heading for a hearing “later this year”. Why did Labour readmit Hill when they presumably knew he still has an active case against him?

In December, the Northern Echo also learned Hill tried to stop his name being revealed as part of legal proceedings being brought by his accuser. The whole thing smells like a cover-up the Labour Party are hoping will go away… 

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