Mayor Who Called For More Restrictions Blasts New Restrictions

Independent Middlesbrough Mayor Andy Preston was busy calling for stricter restrictions days before they were announced by the Health Secretary yesterday. Back on Tuesday Preston said “our infection rate is growing at an alarming rate and Covid has already caused too much damage and pain to families around our town for us to stand by” adding it was “time to act”, asking the Government for tighter restrictions. Yet upon their announcement, Preston was scathing, calling the new measures “unacceptable” and adding “as things stand we defy the government”.

He is in the same boat as Labour’s calamity Hartlepool MP Mike Hill, who on Wednesday called for tighter restrictions, only to slam the imposition of harsher restrictions on Thursday evening.

Mayor Preston’s argument is that he asked for different restrictions that did not go as far as those imposed on other parts of the North East. Yet Guido can reveal a council communication that was sent from one senior house official to another council, showing that Middlesborough did ask for the same restrictions that were imposed on the “LA7” – those other parts of the North East. Oops.

Read the leaked communication below:

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Hartlepool MP Heading for Sexual Harassment Hearing

A month after his suspension for sexual harassing a staffer, the BBC reported in October that the claims against Labour’s Hartlepool MP Mike Hill had been dropped. His subsequent reinstatement to the Labour Party conveniently allowed Hill to stand as a candidate in the December election. It was not dropped.

The complaint by Hill’s former staffer was “parked” pending the outcome of an investigation by Parliament’s independent complaints committee. They did not, however, withdraw their complaint – indeed they made a complaint to the police; and Guido now learns the employment dispute is heading for a hearing “later this year”. Why did Labour readmit Hill when they presumably knew he still has an active case against him?

In December, the Northern Echo also learned Hill tried to stop his name being revealed as part of legal proceedings being brought by his accuser. The whole thing smells like a cover-up the Labour Party are hoping will go away… 

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Labour Candidate Lies About Party’s Referendum Policy

Mike Hill – Labour’s incumbent candidate for massively leave-voting Hartlepool – struggled yesterday to explain Labour’s Brexit policy. Him and everyone else…

He was emphatic in saying there will be no second referendum (whilst said there would be another vote). He then went on to say that Remain might not be on the ballot paper next time round, despite his manifesto spelling it out earlier that day. Worth a jaw-dropping watch…

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Brexit Party Take Over Hartlepool Council

Ten independent councillors elected to Hartlepool Council in May – turfing out the governing Labour Party in the process – have defected en masse to the Brexit Party, meaning the party now controls its first council in coalition with the Tories. At least the 70% of Hartlepool residents who voted for Brexit can rely on their council backing them, unlike Remain MP Mike Hill…

The new council composition therefore is:

  • 10 Brexit Party
  • 10 Labour
  • 4 Socialist Labour
  • 3 Conservatives
  • 3 Putting Seaton First
  • 2 Independents
  • 1 For Britain

The defecting 10 met with the Brexit Party at Nigel Farage’s rally in Sedgefield two days ago, where they informed Richard Tice of their decision. Peter Mandelson won’t be happy…

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Anti-Fracking Candidate Spent More Than Rivals Put Together


Mike Hill, who came fourth in the General Election running on an anti-fracking ticket in shale-laden Fylde in Lancashire, spent an eye-watering £36,519.67 across the long and short campaign. That’s 2,766% more than the ‘kipper who came in third…


He clearly needed the cash as it cost him £5.89 for each vote, compared to an average of 47p for the other candidates. And people accuse the shale lobby of being the big spenders… 

Graphs via OESG


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Lancashire Council Slam Medact Report


Following Gaia’s revelation that “independent” medical charity Medact’s report into fracking was a nothing more than green propaganda written by anti-fracking activists, Lancashire County Council’s planning officers have poured scorn on the report’s authority.

“The Medact report has not produced new epidemiological research but has reviewed published literature and has requested short papers from relevant experts in particular subject areas. It has also interviewed academics and experts. Unfortunately one [Mike Hill] of the contributors (contributing to three of the report’s six chapters (ie 2, 4 and 5)) has led a high profile campaign in the Fylde related to shale gas…. This has led to questions from some quarters about the report’s objectivity. In light of these uncertainties it is not clear how much weight the county council should attach to the report.”

Medact will be wheeling out their “experts” at a public meeting in Preston today, in an effort to influence Lancashire County Council’s decision over whether to green-light the drilling of two fracking wells next week. They don’t know when they’re beaten…

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