Government’s Exclusive Tier 4 Freedom Passes for University Students

Universities Minister Michelle Donelan has just written to all university students reassuring them that, in an increasingly rare move, the government will stick to its promise of allowing students the freedom to return home this Christmas. Even if they’re travelling from a Tier 4 area.

Not only are students allowed to keep their freedoms despite having mingled in Covid hotspots for the best part of four months, those who do return home won’t count as a separate bubble, meaning families will still be able to meet with two other separate household bubbles on the 25th. Another prime way for Covid to spread that the government has seemingly walked straight into…

It seems bizarre that a government with such verbal determination in levelling up across the whole country, and especially ordinary working people, would give Tier 4 freedom passes exclusively to university students. Why not army and navy cadets on leave? Apprentices working away from home? Prioritising university kids over their fellow young people in work or apprenticeships seems totally contrary to the government’s agenda…

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Nine Year Old Enters Race To Replace Bercow

News has come to light that a very short man, perhaps prone to temper and who enjoys ignoring the advice of his elders is interested in running to be the next speaker of the Commons. It’s not John Bercow who plans on standing again, however, but a nine-year-old constituent of Michelle Donelan’s who received a letter from Oscar today asking to be made Speaker. In response, Michelle wrote, “I think it’s great that Oscar has taken such a keen interest in politics… should we give him a trial?”.

Already, the keen kid has his second MP backer, Guido can reveal, as Andrew Bridgen tells us that Oscar’s appointment “would be a definite improvement, and even a nine-year-old can spot it!”

Sadly for Oscar, only MPs can become Speaker and since The Representation of the People Act 1969 only people ages 18 and above can stand as MPs, so Guido can’t add Oscar to our Speaker runners and riders list. Although there is technically nothing stopping him from becoming ennobled and becoming Lords Speaker…

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