Thursday Night Fabulous

Guido missed his usual Thursday night trip to “Porn Idol” at Heaven last night and stayed in. Fortunately political telly was fabulous fashion-wise, though Portillo was perhaps putting too much pink onto the gammon. Xavier Bettel on the other hand got it just right with his fitted purple velvet jacket. He’s the PM who puts the lux into Luxembourg…

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Andrew Neil, Portillo, and Kendall all Dance for Brexit

Last night on Andrew Neil entirely seriously informed the This Week audience that that he and the show’s guests will be participating in a ‘Brexit Danceathon’ – not stopping until Britain has left the EU. Guido fears that they may be dancing long after This Week has ended as a show…

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Portillo: FT the “Daily Remainer”

FT editor Lionel Barber unimpressed with these truth bullets from Michael Portillo on This Week…

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Diane Abbott’s “Good Mao”

This from the archives emerged last night:

Mao seems to have more than one shadow cabinet fan…

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Straight Outta Westminster: Michael Portillo Raps NWA

Michael Portillo laid down some sick lyrics on BBC This Week last night with a very special version of NWA’s Straight Outta Compton:

“When I’m in your neighbourhood you better duck, because Portillo is crazy as f*ck…”

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Strictly Portillo

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