Gove’s Non-Meeting Amuses Westminster

Much merriment in Westminster over Michael Gove’s eventual non-meeting with Donald Trump that got hacks so over-excited yesterday. Guido can bring you the full sequence of events:

  • Monday Night
    Michael Gove and Sarah Vine strike up a conversation with Donald Trump and Melania at the Queen’s State Banquet, which includes some vague talk of a potential meeting.
  • Tuesday Morning
    Sky’s Tom Rayner reports that Gove is expected to meet with Trump in a one-on-one later on Tuesday, during his executive time.

🚨🚨 Exclusive: Tory leadership hopeful Michael Gove is expected to meet President Trump one-on-one later today, according to a government source. Gove’s team say they are yet to receive formal confirmation.

I’m told the meeting was requested by President Trump’s team

Team Gove say they told Sky’s Tom Rayner that they were yet to receive formal confirmation, sounding positive despite not having heard anything from Team Trump since the night before.

  • Tuesday Afternoon
    Trump and May press conference takes place where Trump says “I don’t know Michael.”
    It becomes clear that Team Trump are not going to follow through on the pleasantries of the night before.
  • Wednesday
    Gove sheepishly tells the Scottish Affairs Select Committee that he did not meet Trump yesterday and that he exchanged pleasantries with him and waffled on about kilts with the President.

Rival campaigns speculate that Gove was keen to show he that he had an equivalent status invitation from the President that Hunt, Boris and Nigel clearly had. Team Gove stress they didn’t over-spin and that Sky approached them about the meeting. That’s their story and they are sticking to it…

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Trump Weighs In On Tory Leadership Frontrunners

Trump knows Boris, he knows Jeremy Hunt, he says he doesn’t know Michael Gove despite being interviewed by him in 2017…

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Gove’s Website Launches

Gove’s website has launched. The man who managed to divide the last leadership campaign he was on is standing as the “unity” candidate. Jeremy Hunt is also standing as the unity candidate, the Conservative Party is even divided on unity candidates. He’s ready to lead, are Leavers ready to forgive him for inflicting Theresa May on the party?

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Gove’s Pitch to MPs

Tom Tugendhat came out for Gove last night, which is the final sign, if a sign was needed, that Gove is definitely running. Gove’s parliamentary office was reportedly a hive of activity yesterday with MPs coming and going all day. He has been arguing heavily behind closed doors against the Government bringing in the WAB – warning that another triple-digit defeat would make it much harder for a deal to go through under May’s successor. Who could he be thinking of…

It appears the ever energetic Gove has two pitches to the MPs who come into his office. To those Gove believes are sympathetic to his merits he stresses his competence in driving change and innovative approach to policy. To those MPs he suspects are not fans his case is more utilitarian…

Gove implies his ambition is only to steady the Tory ship, get Brexit over the line and then dutifully make way for a more voter-friendly candidate to smash Corbyn in a future general election. Terms and conditions may apply…

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Boris Only Contender Winning Brexiteers Back to the Tories

With the Tory leadership race finally starting to hot up, a new Hanbury Strategy poll has looked at how the potential candidates fare with different sets of voters. Boris is the only contender to make 2017 Tory voters more likely to vote Tory next time round. Not a great result for the contenders Hanbury execs are (informally) advising, Raab places fourth while Hancock isn’t even included… 

The poll found Tory General Election voting intention had dropped to just 21%, well behind Labour on 30% and only just ahead of the Brexit Party on 19% (Change UK surged to 5th place with a whole 6%). Again, Boris was the only contender to make Brexit Party supporters more likely to vote Tory:

Interestingly, the poll also found that voters would be less likely to vote Labour if they backed a second referendum in all circumstances, 37% said they would be less likely to vote Labour if they did, compared to only 32% who said it was more likely. Bad luck Labour Remainers, Corbyn was right…

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Boris Fends Off All Challengers in Latest Tory Run-Off Poll

ConservativeHome have done a fresh round of Tory leadership run-offs to see how different combinations of the final two candidates fare with the members in their survey. It’s bad news for Jeremy Hunt whose Brexiteer drag act has not fooled the membership – Hunt loses all four matchups. Sajid Javid doesn’t fare much better, only notching up one narrow 36%-35% win against Hunt…

Out of a maximum of 400 percentage points up for grabs the scorecard for and against was as above. Michael Gove gets a mixed reception among the members, he sees off Remainers Javid (44%-31%) and Hunt (43%-29%) but comfortably loses out to outspoken Brexiteers Dominic Raab (52%-36%) and Boris Johnson (57%-34%). Boris rules the roost, in the final run-off he holds off Raab by 7% (46%-39%). It’s a big change from the last set of run-offs when Boris was nowhere and it was a knife-edge result between Gove and Javid…

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