Gove’s Liberal Case for Bringing Back Hanging

Since the revelation that Gove was sniffing lines of cocaine whilst writing lines attacking middle-class cocaine use, rival campaigns are now trawling through Gove’s Times articles looking for interesting policy positions. One that was passed to Guido is particularly appealing and would likely go down a treat with a large segment of the Tory membership. “Bring back hanging”, a classic vote winner with Tory members if there ever was one!

Under the caption “Michael Gove prefers hanging to hounding” he was trenchant on the issue, citing the arguments of “impeccable liberals” to bolster his argument:

My support for hanging does not, however, depend simply on respect for democracy. Reverence for life, liberty and the law springs from the State taking its responsibilities seriously. The finality of the punishment should focus not only criminal minds, but those of lawmakers and enforcers, who must ensure that the system is applied with scrupulous fairness.

Gove concluded his argument with his preference for “a fair trial, under the shadow of the noose.” Given Gove’s continuing reverence for life, liberty and the law his position is presumably unchanged. Unfortunately for someone who prides himself on his effectiveness as a minister he didn’t deliver on the policy when he was Justice Secretary. Now he’s “ready to lead” and emphasising his ability to get things done, child murderers and cop killers know what they will face from Prime Minister Gove…

N.B. The Times article is now offline, so Guido has re-uploaded it for co-conspirators: Gove on Hanging

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Hard Blow from Gove

Michael Gove had to try something different to give his campaign a bump with the dust still yet to settle from his torrid weekend and he certainly managed the most energetic campaign launch of all the candidates so far. The line he decided to take this time was going hard on Big B…

Gove stands out among the Tory leadership field for being able to both set out detailed policies and not be boring doing so and there was plenty that will have appealed including his social care insurance and veterans policies. Brexit is still his Achilles heel – on policy at least – and Gove saying that he would be prepared to delay Brexit “however long it takes to get a deal over the line” more or less sinks his chances of winning over Brexiteers in any significant numbers. His lines on Brexit aren’t red…

His decision to launch a range of personal attacks on Boris looks like a calculated deadcat gambit to try to shift the media narrative off his personal peccadillos onto internecine Brexiteer warfare and personality clashes, judging from the number of hits he took from journalists afterwards over it he still hasn’t managed to blow away the issue just yet. Attacking the candidate most people expect to emerge as the eventual winner is not necessarily the best way of getting wavering Tory MPs on board either…

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Can Gove Tough It out?

Headlines like this are usually a precursor to the subject of them quitting because they only appear when expectant journalists ask “Are you quitting?” Friends of Gove say he intends to “Tough it out”.

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Gove’s Three Misleading Answers to Marr

This morning just as Marr began his interview with Michael Gove we published the regulations, enforced by him when he was Secretary of State for Education, on the prohibition of teachers for misconduct. Gove’s had responsibility as the Secretary of State to regulate teachers’ conduct and to hold a list of teachers who have been prohibited from teaching. Included in the list of offences that would lead to a lifetime ban on teaching was “possession of class A drugs”. An offence that Gove admits to having committed many times.

Marr asked him did he bring in the rule change on “your watch”, Gove evaded answering the question directly, saying “no, I don’t believe so”. Which is what a politician says when he wants to give himself wriggle room. Gove had the power as Secretary of State for Education to ban teachers for life from teaching with a prohibition order. Possession of Class A drugs was grounds for a lifetime ban.

Gove also told Marr he couldn’t remember being asked the question of whether he took Class A drugs when travelling to the USA, and didn’t declare he had. Here is the visa question he will have had to answer when travelling to the USA:

Gove likewise claimed he had not been asked a direct question about drug use in the course of his vetting. Something most Whitehall veterans think unlikely…

At times during the interview Gove looked unusually uncomfortable having started out sounding confident. He trotted out some rehearsed contrite lines, by the end of the interview he seemed deflated. On the betting markets his odds lengthened…

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Gove: Taking Cocaine Was a Mistake
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Gove Enforced Rule Banning Teachers for Life for Cocaine Use

The hypocrisy charge is already hitting Gove hard over his writing of an article for The Times arguing it was hypocritical of journalists using cocaine to argue for drug liberalisation. An article written during the period he was using cocaine. The hypocrisy charge will be turbo-charged when it hits the headlines tomorrow that when he was Secretary of State for Education he enforced legislation that bans teachers for life from teaching if they are convicted of cocaine possession. Awkward doesn’t cover it…

UPDATE: Kathryn Thomas, 39, was an art teacher who used cocaine as a “pick-me-up” after a relationship ended. She was banned from the classroom for life in 2012.

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