Government May Not Abide By House of Commons Anti-No Deal Legislation

Depending on what the legislation says, Michael Gove today revealed that the UK Government may find a way to work around it. Next week will be the greatest showdown…

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Gove: Sad the EU Won’t Negotiate

Gove has taken to the airwaves to reiterate the Government’s position on Brexit, making clear that the UK is fully ready to negotiate but that the deal has to change, and that it’s “wrong and sad” that the EU won’t come to the table. This is not bluster from Gove – in case the EU have forgotten, the deal comprehensively failed to get through Parliament three times…

Meanwhile underpressure Leo Varadkar has said that “there is always room for talks”, provided the talks aren’t actually about changing anything. Pull the other one, Leo…

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As the Ballots Go Out, Gove Contemplates What Might Have Been

Literally by the bike shed behind DEFRA off Great Peter Street Gove can be regularly spotted having a crafty fag. Is he weighing up for whom to vote? Or contemplating what might have been…

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Johnsons Removal Van Parks Outside Gove’s Office

A Johnsons removal van was this morning spotted parked up outside Gove’s Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. That would be particularly vindictive..

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Gove Admits Why He Lost Tory Leadership Race

Joe Politics expertly sums up the Tory leadership race…

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Tory Tea Room Trickery

Tory MPs have been lightening up the leadership race with this picture currently doing the rounds on WhatsApp of a mischievously modified Jaffa Cake box that has mysteriously appeared in the Members’ Tea Room:

Boris supporters have not been letting this delicious deviousness go unchallenged. A rival image has now made its way into Tory WhatsApp circles as well:

Which one do Tory MPs find more palatable? We’ll find out this afternoon…

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