Gove: Brexit Negotiations will Conclude by the End of Next Year
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What will be in the Queen’s Speech?
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Gove’s Rapping Again

One of Westminster’s best kept secrets is the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster’s love for rap music. Gove rapped a parody of Hamilton’s opening number last year at Carrie Symonds’ thirtieth Birthday. ‘Alexander Hamilton’ became ‘Alexander B Johnson’…

Now, in response to Angela Rayner suggesting he is “crap” at rapping, Gove is attempting to show her different Twitter.

When he was Education Secretary, Gove revealed he had memorised at least part of the Wham Rap.

If the Tories lose this election, at least he’ll have a musical career to fall back on…

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Gove: Social Care Solution Needs Political Consensus to Span Generations
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“Ain’t Gonna Be No Second Referendum”

Gove seems confident…

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Ben Bradshaw’s Shameless Gove Fake News

Ben Bradshaw successfully caused a storm in a teacup last night over a mild-mannered speech by Michael Gove at the German Embassy. Bradshaw himself heckled Gove with the word “nonsense” and then proceeded to tell the world how awfully the speech, which received sustained applause, went down.  Listen to the exchange above…

Gove: “Britain and Germany have so much in common, not just…”

Bradshaw: “Nonsense”

Gove: “I think Britain and Germany do have much in common”

What happened next was a textbook case of fake news spreading because a class of media Remainers were uncritically seeing what they wanted to see. After the event, Bradshaw tweeted an account of the speech that bears no reality to what actually happened.

Off the back of Ben Bradshaw’s tweet, a host of journalists piled in

In a textbook case of Brexit Derangement Syndrome, nutty academic Peter Neumann tried to claim that Gove compared Brexit to the “fall of the Berlin wall and East German’s quest for freedom” which he simply didn’t at all. Guido would have preferred it if he actually had…

In reality, Gove mentioned German Unification because the event he was speaking at was about the anniversary of German Unification. He didn’t talk about it in the context of Brexit at all. Ironically, clearly BDS-radicalised Peter Neumann is Chair or the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation…

Simon Schama, who wasn’t there, then tried to claim that Gove compared the EU to the USSR, asking “How can he sleep?”. Sadly for Guido, Gove simply didn’t.

Buzzfeed journalist Alberto Nardelli, who was actually there, tried to clear things up. “He wasn’t widely heckled. Heard one person say “nonsense””. His tweet received 46 likes, Bradshaw’s got over 6,000…

Listen to the speech and its reaction in full here

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