Tories Rush Candidate Selection in Rudd’s Seat

The Tories have finally and definitively closed the door on any return Amber Rudd may have been hoping for, by opening candidate selections in her seat of Hastings and Rye. Before her expulsion she was in two minds about hopping to a safer seat for the next election anyway…

Ahead of an inevitable election, the Tories have also opened selections in

  • Meriden – retiring Caroline Spelman’s seat
  • Ruislip, Northwood & Pinner – retiring Nick Hurd’s seat
  • Sevenoaks – retiring Sir Michael Fallon’s seat

Seats with an average majority of 18,365. Ripe pickings for prospective careerists, though you need to get your application in by this Friday…

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Fallon Resigns

Michael Fallon has resigned as Defence Secretary following the Westminster harassment scandal. Who’s next?

Fallon letter:

UPDATE: Fallon speaks to Laura K:

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Fallon: I’m Sorry For Touching Julia’s Knee

First Cabinet minister named by the Sun as Michael Fallon, who admits touching Julia Hartley-Brewer’s knee. He says sorry…

UPDATE: Statement from Julia, who says she is not a victim:

“I have received a number of calls today from newspapers and broadcasters asking me to comment on a claim that I was the victim of sexual harassment by a current Cabinet minister.

I have spoken previously about a Cabinet minister who repeatedly put his hand on my knee during a party conference dinner. I calmly and politely explained to him that, if he did it again, I would “punch him in the face”. He withdrew his hand and that was the end of the matter.

I have had no issues since with the man in question and do not regard the incident as anything but mildly amusing, which is why I have declined to name him. It has also been claimed that the same minister made remarks to me about my breasts. If he did, I certainly don’t recall those comments.

Wild rumours and claims are circulating about many male MPs at Westminster in a media feeding frenzy. I have worked in and around Westminster for 20 years and, as far as I am aware, incidents of genuine harassment involve only a small number of MPs from all parties.

I believe it is absurd and wrong to treat workplace banter and flirting – and even misjudged sexual overtures – between consenting adults as being morally equivalent to serious sexual harassment or assault.

It demeans genuine victims of real offences. Anyone with any allegations against an MP, or anyone else, should speak up now and provide the evidence to ensure any necessary action is taken.

I have not been a victim and I don’t wish to take part in what I believe has now become a Westminster witch hunt.”

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Fallon: We’re Leaving, Blair Has to Get Over It

As Fallon says of Blair’s newfound desire to end freedom of movement: “It’s a pity he didn’t think of that when all these countries were admitted to the EU on his watch…”

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Marr to Fallon: “Are You Repulsed By Gay People?”

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Fallon Assad Ambush

Of course Fallon meeting Assad is not comparable to Corbyn’s support for the IRA (and Corbyn met Assad too).

Nonetheless a successful ambush from Thornberry…

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