SNP Data Gathering Hypocrisy

Like almost every millennial, Mhairi Black was tweeting nonsense last night. Her target? The very standard Tory operation to gather data on sympathetic voters. Linking to a CCHQ-run website calledGet Brexit Done – Tell your MP to back an election, Black wrote:

“The Tories have launched a data mining website called

Under the giant SEND button there’s then some tiny text explaining that by clicking the giant send button, you’re consenting to CCHQ emailing you everything they’re up to, which seems dubious at best.”

SNP MPs and MSP piled in on the shocking discovery, condemning the non-branded data mining and the emails it sent to remain MPs. The same MPs who, until 2018, were responsible for a website called – a totally unbranded website bar a tiny sentence at the bottom saying it was promoted by the SNP.

The SNP also have six campaigns running on their own party’s website, which similarly collect your name, email address and postcode once you press SEND. The greatest hypocrisy, however, is the SNP criticising the Tories’ data strategy, when only one year ago they were found out to have been buying data on British voters from NationBuilder for seven years – a company accused by Facebook of violating its users’ privacy.

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What’s Mhairi Doing?

Late last night when prorogation finally took place, a cheeky Mhairi Black made some jerky hand gestures during the proceedings. What was she miming..?

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Mhairi Black Digs Deep

Mhairi Black is always one to get stuck in – and here she is digging deep on College Green after the SNP walked out of PMQs. Euuughhh…

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Mhairi Black’s Maiden Speech in Full

The 20 year old Baby of the House delivers her maiden speech:

“Because I am an MP, I am the only 20 year-old in the whole of the UK who the Chancellor is prepared to help with housing.” 

A star is born…

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House of Tw*ts


How many is too many? There are now more MPs on Twitter than ever before with 88% of honourable Members on the social network, including a full 96% of new MPs. What could possibly go wrong…

mhairi maths is shite black

Let the leaky DMs commence…

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Douglas Alexander Loses His Seat

Labour’s campaign chief is out:

Meet the new ‘Baby of the House’:


Mhairi Black, the 20 year old SNP candidate. The youngest MP since 1667…

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