Hatchet Job on Liz’s Economic Advisor Misses the Point

Sadly, the death of the Queen caused Guido to overlook this profile of Liz’s new chief economic adviser, Matthew Sinclair. Formerly of the Taxpayers’ Alliance, the former member of the Tufton Street mafia – can you ever leave? – was appointed to the No. 10 economic unit on Liz’s first day in office. The left apopleptic that the PM has hired someone who shares her free market views…

So what did the i manage to dig up on Sinclair? The answer is a lot of sound stuff that they, unsuccessfully, tried spinning as a sinister agenda:

“Back in 2012, while at the TPA, Mr Sinclair argued for the scrapping of national pay deals for civil servants.

In an article in the Guardian, he wrote: “Ending centralised pay bargaining would mean better value for taxpayers, better services for those who rely on them, and a fairer deal for public sector workers overall.

“There is no reason workers in some regions should get an arbitrary windfall, and others unnecessary hardship, simply because of the quirks of national pay bargaining.”

Anything else?

“He has long been an advocate of low taxes and is believed to be driving the Prime Minister’s plan to raise income tax thresholds, reverse Rishi Sunak’s 1.25% rise in national insurance and suspend the green levy on energy bills.

Indeed, he has never been a fan of much when it comes to spending on tackling climate change, and advocated the abolition of the government’s Green Investment Bank – which is now independent of government and called the Green Investment Group.

In 2016 he said: “I think we’ve pushed energy efficiency too far, too fast. Not really more ‘efficient’, just warmer.””

Lower taxes and scepticism about spending trillions on net zero, how terrifying…

“He will also endear himself to the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg, the new Business Secretary. Like Mr Rees-Mogg, he is keen to see a smaller state, the slashing of departmental budgets, and fewer civil servants for the Business Secretary to tell to get back to their desks.”

“Mr Sinclair has never made any attempt to hide his views and enjoys putting them in book form. In 2010 he edited How to Cut Public Spending (And Still Win an Election). The following year he authored Let Them Eat Carbon: The Price of Failing Climate Change Policies, and How Governments and Big Business Profit From Them.”

Guido is in no doubt that to the lefties at the i, these proposals must signal the end of days; for any Tory voter, they heavily imply they might finally get a taste of low-spending, state-shrinking, free market economics. Sinclair’s “Let Them Eat Carbon” book is well worth a read…

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