Tory MP Asks Taxpayers to Buy Him Copy of Highway Code

The updated Highway Code is due for release in April, and Guido’s glad to see at least one MP is keen to learn the new laws of the road: Tory MP Matthew Offord has taken the time to submit a written question asking Grant Shapps to provide a copy to any member who requests it, free of charge. Although at £4.99 per copy via the DVSA website, Offord had better hope his colleagues are already up to speed on the latest changes. If Shapps gives Offord’s plan the green light, and all 650 MPs actually take up the offer, it would cost the taxpayer £3,243.50… 

Incidentally, asking this inexplicable* Written Parliamentary Question (PQ) costs hundreds of pounds. The Tories have really lost their low tax bona fides…

*We asked his office yesterday why he was asking this question. No explanation has been forthcoming.

UPDATE:  Post-publication Matthew Offord’s office got in touch with an explanation:

“Ever since the Mayor of London started fouling up London with more draconian vehicles restrictions, my office has seen a number of constituents contacting for clarification. In addition, some cyclists and pedestrians are now under a belief they have always right of way on the road, following changes made to the Highway Code. The cost of a wholesale copy of the Highway Code, for Members that request one, is far cheaper that the Department of Transport receiving and responding to enquiries from MPs.”

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Tory MP in Brexit Bust-Up At Westminster Boozer

A Tory MP was ‘bloodied’ in a Brexit bust-up at a Westminster boozer, Guido can reveal. Matthew Offord was in St Stephen’s Tavern opposite Parliament on Wednesday night when co-conspirators say he got into an argument with a group of pro-EU protesters. Accounts diverge but a tweet sent to the Brexiteer that evening reads: “hope your face has stopped bleeding”. Another source says there was a “scuffle”. Guido hears the Europhiles weren’t aware Offord is an MP but later identified him after one snapped a pic…

The Hendon MP didn’t deny an altercation took place and told Guido tonight:
“It will be in a paper tomorrow and you can read about it then.”
Offord denied shoving former whip Marc Francois in a 2AM hotel bar fracas at conference in 2010. Classic Brexit handbags…

UPDATE: More sources get in touch to say a female pro-EU protester was seen to lunge at Matthew Offord after he attempted to film the group – who it is claimed were verbally abusing him. The MP sustained a scratch to the face. Remainers…

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Tory MP Calls Cops on Downing Street Terror Demo

Hendon MP Matthew Offord was at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign / Hezbollah demo at Downing Street, and is calling in the cops. He reckons the charming chap above and other machine gun flag wavers have committed “a criminal offence under the Terrorism Act“:

“I shall be taking this issue up with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner to ensure action is taken against any individual who may have committed a criminal offence. I understand the police cannot intervene in such a situation that could lead to greater public disorder but such behaviour should not be dismissed without a proper investigation. While some people want to demonstrate, there are limits to acceptable protest and the glorification of terrorism and terrorist originations is not acceptable.”

At least one Hezbollah supporter has already been arrested:

He’ll be having a “dialogue” with his lawyer down the nick…

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