Live with Littlewood!


  • Chinese authoritarianism: A global concern?
  • Coronomics: How have nations in the Asia-Pacific weathered the Covid storm?
  • From hero to Zero: When will New Zealand learn to live with the virus?


  • Dhananath Fernando, Chief Operating Officer, Advocata Institute
  • Rainer Heufers, Executive Director, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies
  • Matthew Lesh, Head of Public Policy, Institute of Economic Affairs
  • Jordan Williams, Executive Director, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Tune in from 6pm!

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Wonk Watch: More IEA and ASI Reshuffling

Forget Boris’s cabinet reshuffle, the changes going on among the Tufton Street Mafia make for much more interesting reading. Back in September Guido revealed the ASI’s Matt Kilcoyne had decided to depart as their deputy director. Guido now understands he’s to take up the role as director of Lord Hannan’s Initiative for Free Trade. Guido can’t think of a better pick…

That’s not the end of the ASI shake-up. Guido can reveal their head of research Matthew Lesh is defecting to the IEA to fill the role as their new head of public policy. Lesh says he’s “extremely excited to be joining the IEA” who “became a beacon of hope and inspiration to millions seeking freedom across the world” amid the post-war consensus. The IEA’s also been facing staff turnover recently following the departure of Emma Revell and Lord Kamall…

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Government’s Ad Ban to Cut 2.8 Calories a Day Per Child

The government released new details today of a study on their impending bonkers ad ban, which, despite all previous evidence that such illiberal clampdowns don’t work, they hoped would justify the move. The government’s own research suggests an ad ban will reduce children’s calories consumption by just 2.8 calories per day. 

2.8 calories per day per child would – assuming no exercise – add 1 pound per three and a half years – and all for the destruction of thousands of small and medium businesses, and depressing the advertising industry. Not only is a 2.8 calorie reduction pathetic, the ASI’s Matthew Lesh points out even this is likely to be an exaggeration:

“The review that the Government’s calculations are based on – Viner et. al (2019) – does not contain any studies that simulate a realistic environment in which children are exposed to ‘junk food’ advertisements. In all of the 11 studies included, children were allowed to consume an unlimited quantity of food at no cost and none featured parental supervision.”

The government’s figures also calculate the advertising market – for what Whitehall refers to as “high fat, sugar and salt (HFSS)” – is £438 million (59% of the total online food and drink advertising market) with a hit to online platforms of £271 million per year.

With around 11 million children from 5–18, the UK government is set to sacrifice £813 million of online advertising revenue in return for one pound lost per child. Turns out this weight loss malarkey isn’t as easy as just taking candy from a baby…

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Is the government’s Covid testing strategy sinking without trace?

With unemployment rising two a two-year high and thousands of post-furlough redundancies expected, what’s next for the UK economy?

Rishi Sunak says he wants to “get creative” to support jobs and employment.  But how will he do that?

And are the testing fiasco and the rebellion over the Internal Market Bill jeopardising Boris Johnson’s premiership?

All this and more will be put to the (readily-available) test in tonight’s Live with Littlewood from the IEA.

Joining host Mark Littlewood will be the Times’ science editor Tom Whipple, ConservativeHome’s Mark Wallace, and former Brexit Party MEP Alexandra Phillips.

Also taking part in our 90 minutes of free-rolling conversation will be the new Director of the Politeia think tank Jonathan Isaby, independent economist Julian Jessop, Matthew Lesh of the Adam Smith Institute, Duncan Simpson of the Taxpayers’ Alliance plus the IEA’s Annabel Denham and Christopher Snowdon.

Be sure to join in the debate – LIVE at 6 – here or on YouTube.

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Has the Chancellor hit the back of the net?  Or are his attempts to revitalise the UK economy wide of the mark?

Join our LIVE WITH LITTLEWOOD cast this evening for a free-rolling debate on Rishi Sunak’s fiscal statement…from stamp duty to self-insulation.

Joining host Mark Littlewood will be journalist and commentator Isabel Oakeshott, the Academy of Ideas’ Claire Fox and renowned economist Andrew Lilico.

They’ll be joined by the Director of Big Brother Watch Silkie CarloMatthew Lesh, Head of Research at the Adam Smith Institute, Duncan Simpson, Research Director at the TaxPayers’ Alliance, author and writer Jamie Whyte and the IEA’s Kristian Niemietz.

Along the way they’ll be discussing cancel culture, the West’s post-pandemic relationship with China and much, much more.

Be sure to join the debate – LIVE at 6 pm – here or on YouTube.

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LIVE at 6.30

In tonight’s LIVE WITH LITTLEWOOD – at the new time of 6.30 pm – the IEA’s MARK LITTLEWOOD will be joined by another stellar cast of journalists, think tankers and commentators including the Mail on Sunday’s DAN HODGES, JANET DALEY of The Telegraph, Spiked’s BRENDAN O’NEILL and ALEX DEANE of FTI Consulting.

Also taking part in the free-rolling debate will be ROBERT COLVILE of the Centre for Policy Studies, MATTHEW LESH of the Adam Smith Institute and JOHN O’CONNELL of the Taxpayers’ Alliance. And from across the pond we’ll be joined by MICHAEL CARNUCCIO, of the JTK Group, and TERRY KIBBE of Free the People.

They’ll discuss:

  • The prospects for the UK’s post-pandemic economic recovery
  • The anomalies and absurdities of lockdown life
  • The Black Lives Matter protests here and in the US
  • The way America has handled the coronavirus crisis

And much more!

JOIN IN THE DEBATE – LIVE at 6.30 – HERE or on YouTube.

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