Rishi Accuses Starmer of Letting Spin Doctor Undermine Rosie Duffield

Rishi obviously had his four Weetabix this morning, hammering Sir Keir over his own record of propriety end ethics; accusing him of letting down women in his party, as well as school children thanks to the strikes. Referencing Guido’s story about Matthew Doyle’s briefing against Rosie Duffield last week, he accused Starmer of letting his right-hand man undermine his own female MPs. Tory backbenchers loved it…

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When He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Praised Duffield’s Victory

It turns out Matthew Doyle wasn’t always briefing against Rosie Duffield. In speech footage spotted by Guido, the Labour MP-deriding Labour Party spin doctor is seen praising Corbyn’s 2017 victories, including university towns like Portsmouth… and Canterbury. Tempora mutantur, as they’d say at the Durham union debating society…

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Piers’ Ratings 💥Boom💥 Thanks to Guido’s Exclusive

Piers Morgan’s TalkTV ratings soared to 40,000 viewers last night, as Rosie Duffield appeared on the show to discuss the trans row engulfing the Labour Party. The show’s terrestrial ratings shot up by 12,000 just as Piers aired Guido’s exclusive recording of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…

Duffield herself pushed back on Doyle’s lies, claiming she’s only met him once, and slammed Keir for his inability to define a woman. Even calling it “dystopian”…

“…[I’m] speechless, really. I mean it just seems kind of mad, y’know. It’s dystopian. I don’t know what to make of it, half the time it just seems funny, half the time it’s really scary.”

A great show. Always happy to help, Piers…

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He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Rows Back on Insulting His Own MPs

Labour’s chief spin doctor Matthew Doyle has u-turned on insulting Rosie Duffield over her campaign to protect women’s rights. After being caught bang-to-rights insulting her and saying she should spend more time in her constituency and less time talking to JK Rowling, Doyle told Lobby hacks this lunchtime:

“Rosie Duffield doesn’t spend too much time hanging out with JK Rowling rather than with her constituents.”

While the name of the spokesman in question wasn’t tweeted out by journalists, Guido understands it was Matthew Doyle himself. Awkward…

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Starmer on Rosie Duffield Being Treated With Respect & Tolerance

Starmer responded to being asked about Rosie Duffield feeling like being in the Labour Party was like being in an abusive relationship…

“I’m very concerned that all of our discussions in the Labour party and in politics are discussions that we have with respect and with tolerance. And they’re the principles and the values that I want to see in our Labour party and that I insist on in our Labour party, whether it’s Rosie Duffield or anybody else. There will be differences of opinion, of course there will, but respect and tolerance are the values that we must have in all those debates.”

Starmer was later asked to respond specifically following reports of his aide Matthew Doyle’s comments about Rosie Duffield whether those principles he referred to stretched to his own aides. He said…

“Respect and tolerance are values of the entire Labour party. Of course I know there are strong and differing opinions on a number of issues. But respect and tolerance are there as my values, Labour party values, whatever we’re discussing.”

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Labour’s He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Director of Communications Denies Briefing Against Rosie Duffield

Yesterday the Mail on Sunday ran a story about an unnamed Starmer aide briefing against a Labour MP:

“a senior aide to Sir Keir Starmer said ‘it would be nice’ if Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield ‘spent a bit more time’ in her constituency, rather than ‘hanging out with JK Rowling”

JK Rowling spotted the Mail on Sunday story and mocked the advisor:

“Fight that FOMO, bro.”

In response, Rosie Duffield tweeted:

“Never had the pleasure of meeting this unelected Head Of Comms person. But for the record, while he was overheard loudly opining on my whereabouts and choice of friends, I was in my constituency meeting with members of Canterbury’s Hazara community. Really hope he’s OK with that”

Labour’s “Head of Comms person” is Matthew Doyle, a veteran Labour spin doctor from the New Labour Blair era. It is his job to hone the attack on the Tories, which is why it is all the more surprising that he would be briefing against a Labour MP. Obviously if it were true that Starmer’s top spin doctor is briefing against a Labour MP it would not be a good look. We put Rosie Duffield’s allegation to Labour’s press office this morning:

A rare categoric, on-the-record denial.

Unfortunately it is also untrue – listen to Matthew Doyle briefing against Rosie Duffield below:

Now you might think that the Leader of the Labour Party’s top attack dog briefing against one of their own MPs – in the same breath as saying that the MP had been in to see the leader about how she was being treated by the party – might be newsworthy. When Britain’s top-selling writer and campaigner for women’s rights JK Rowling, who incidentally has given over a million pounds to the Labour Party, is also being criticised you would think political editors would be scrambling to cover the story. You would think this morning’s papers would be following it up with feral glee. You would be wrong, there was no follow up of the story this morning, like JK Rowling’s infamous villain Voldemort it seems Doyle is he-who-must-not-be-named. Surely the Lobby’s political editors wouldn’t be craven cowards afraid of being cursed by Labour’s wielder of the dark arts?

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