Twitter Bitch Fight of the Week: Zarb versus Chorley

The Times’ Matt Chorley found himself in a scrap with Rebecca Long-Bailey spinner Matt Zarb Cousin this morning when pointing out that Long-Bailey conducted an interview in which she tried to distance herself from Corbyn… inside one of Corbyn’s office rooms. Zarb-Cousin tried to hit back with what looks like a denial…

However, as with other Matt Zarb Cousin denials, this one quickly fell apart…

Long-Bailey’s interview was in Corbyn’s suite of offices. Zarb-Cousin, who used to work for Jezza, claiming that this is materially different from inside his core office, seems to be a stretch…

As ever Guido will let you decide who won…

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Matt Zarb Referred to Labour Disputes Panel and Told to Stop Being Abusive on Twitter

Corbyn spokesman turned Twitter outrider Matt Zarb-Cousin has been referred to Labour’s disputes panel and told not to engage in abusive behaviour on social media, Guido can reveal. Zarb-Cousin was grassed by a fellow Labour member for calling people “nonce” on Twitter. An email from the Labour Party complaints administrator seen by Guido says Zarb-Cousin has been referred to the disputes team and reminded of his responsibilities:

Complaint ref:
I am writing regarding your complaint relating to Matt Zarb-Cousin.

It is the job of the Complaints team to review all complaints to ensure that matters are dealt with appropriately and by the correct unit of the

Having reviewed the content of your complaint, I have forwarded it to the Disputes team, for further action.

They will remind Mr Zarb-Cousin of the importance of using appropriate language and not engaging in abusive behaviour on social media.

Best wishes,

Complaints Administrator
The Labour Party

Is there anyone left in Labour who hasn’t been referred to the disputes panel?

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Matt Zarb Wears Trump MAGA Hat

Last night Jeremy Corbyn’s former spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin vowed to wear a Donald Trump Make America Great Again hat if Labour failed to win Barnet:

Fair play to Matt, who kept his word and donned the cap when Guido presented it to him this morning. He tells us:

“I think that a lesson has been learned, really, on expectations management. I just don’t think you can really make these kind of bold predictions, particularly if the punishment is this, which is going to be tweeted at me forever now. I’m pleased I didn’t say I would eat the hat. In effect that is a kind of expectations management.”

Good sport. Matt’s face speaking for all Corbynistas this morning…

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Corbynistas Openly Using McDonnell’s IRA Nickname “The Quartermaster”

Top Corbynistas are openly referring to John McDonnell by his IRA nickname “The Quartermaster”. Momentum man Max Shanly called the Shadow Chancellor by his IRA nom de guerre on this week’s Novara Media All The Best podcast. Appearing alongside former Corbyn spokesman Matt Zarb-Cousin, Shanly said:

“I went to John McDonnell’s Alternative Models of Ownership Conference this weekend… it was very interesting, I don’t know how many of you have read the Alternative Models of Ownership report commissioned by The Quartermaster and Rebecca Long-Bailey, but it’s a very good read.”

As WikiGuido revealed in 2016:

“The story goes that McDonnell used to frequent a working men’s club in Camden which was known as a hub of IRA activity at the time. He was said to be so pally with the republicans who drank there that it allegedly led to him being given the nickname ‘The Quartermaster’. The joke among local Labour figures was that he was so involved he must have had his own quasi-military rank. His spokesman does not deny he was a regular visitor, but says: ‘It may have been a nickname for him as he was resourceful and in charge of budgets at the GLA.’”

It’s the second time in as many weeks the All The Best podcast has got Corbynistas in trouble. Last week Guido told how Clare Kober’s demise was cheered on during an episode of the socialist broadcast: Shanly shouted “she’s dead”. The brocialists later apologised. All The Best gaffes…

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Corbynista Space Cadets

Top Corbynista Aaron Bastani has caused much amusement with his suggestion following Elon Musk’s latest SpaceX launch that a “socialist space agency would bump Labour’s polling by 5 points”. This artist’s impression reveals what a Corbynista NASA could look like. Can think of a few Labour MPs who would be up for blasting Basto and co into space…

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Brocialists Sorry for Kober “She’s Dead” Crack

A swift apology from the three musketeers of brocialism after their locker room banter on Labour moderate Claire Kober got out of hand, culminating in Max “Gammon” Shanly cheering “she’s dead“:

Heavyweight Aaron Bastani would only apologise “for any offence”:

Best keep the #EverydaySexism off air in future, lads.

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