A Miscellany of Parliamentary Material From The Past Week

On a good day, there may be a million words spoken in the Palace of Westminster. Here are a very few of them, from the floor of the Commons. They are not always verbatim but are reliable. That is, reliably reported.

Robert Halfon (Con): The Education department has appointed 13 Attendance advisers, but we have 1.7 million absent children and 100,000-plus so-called “ghost children”.

Grant Shapps (Con): Professor Jay’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse heard from 7,300 victims. It processed 2 million pages of evidence and cost £184 million. £4.5 million is to be allocated to seven organizations to support victims.

James Murray (Con): The out-of-turn estimates will increase overall spending by £71.4 billion [with £60 billion sought by BEIS to implement the energy price cap].

Christopher Chope (Con): The Paul Ehrlich Institute (the German regulator for vaccine safety) tried to raise the alert that one in 5,000 vaccinated people experienced a serious side effect, such as heart muscle inflammation. It said that, statistically, every tenth person must expect a severe consequence from having a course of three or four vaccines.

Scott Benton (Con): More than 70% of successful deportation appeals are now based solely on Article 8 [the right to respect for private and family life’].

Rachael Maskell (Lab): 7.5 million people are on pre-payment meters.

Graham Stuart (Con): In the Scotwind auction, Scottish fields have been sold off cheap, netting £700 million, while New York garnered £4.3 billion for a quarter of what was on offer in Scotland.

Andy Slaughter (Lab): The briefing from the National Residential Landlords Association says that 70% of landlords could envisage operating without section 21. Kevin Hollinrake (Con): That means in effect somewhere between 20% and 30% of supply (of rented accommodation) might go overnight.

Alison Thewliss (SNP): The gas bill of the Toryglen Community Base has gone from £9,700 a year to £62,273.36.

Richard Fuller (Con): In 2019, almost 243,000 net additional homes were delivered.

Anne McLaughlin (SNP): 40% of those entitled to pension credit do not apply for it.

Damien Hinds (Con): The e-petition for verified ID to be required to open a social media account has almost 700,000 signatures.

Taino Owatemi (Lab): In the last four years in this country, £3 billion has been lost to online fraud and 60,000 offences relating to online sexual abuse and grooming have been committed.

Guy Opperman (Con): Google made $14 billion profit last quarter.

Paulette Hamilton (Lab): (Before Putin’s invasion) Ukraine grew enough food to feed an estimated 400 million people despite having a population of only 44 million.

Matt Vickers (Con): There is a street in Stockton where if someone travels from one end to another just five miles, they pass through two areas where the difference in life expectancy is 20 years. Those living in Yarm in my constituency can be expected to live until the age of 84, whereas those living in Stockton Town Center, and neighboring Stockton North, can expect to live only to the age of 64 – that is equivalent to the life expectancy of those living in Ethiopia.

Drew Hendry (SNP): Scotch whiskey exported to India attracts a tariff of 150%.

Robert Halfon (Con): New Spanish consumer laws will force big companies and utility firms to answer customer service calls within three minutes or face fines of up to £85,000.

Theresa Villiers (Con): [On revoking the retained EU laws] We do not know with certainty how many laws there are within DEFRA’s food, animal welfare and environmental remit because that has not been comprehensively counted on the Government’s dashboard. (Greener UK estimates 570 pieces of legislation in DEFRA. Estimates for the total number of laws to be examined by the end of 2023 fall between 2,500 and 2,700 – around five a day.)

Patricia Gibson (SNP): There have been four secretaries of state for education in the last year and nine out of 10 schools in England say they will run out of money this year. The dogs in the street know that the government is so unstable as to be unfit for purpose. Does today’s Secretary of State for Education agree with me and the hon. member for Christchurch (Christopher Chope) that the new Prime Minister will face an “ungovernable” and “riven” Tory party and that a general election is the only answer, otherwise things will go from very bad to much worse? Mr. Speaker: What does that have to do with education? I do not think it has anything to do with education, so let us go to Elliot Colburn.

Jim Shannon, DUP: Does the minister agree that human rights provisions must be included in the India trade deal and can he guarantee that no blind eye will be turned to human rights abuses for the sake of economic benefit? Greg Hands (Con): I think this government have a fantastic record of promoting religious tolerance and religious diversity abroad. (In English: No.)

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Tory MP Throws Support Behind Lisa Nandy

Lisa Nandy has won major plaudits from none other than her opposition Tory MPs today after a row from Shadow Cabinet found its way onto the Huffington PostAccording to the site, Nandy butted heads with Sir Keir at a meeting last Thursday, accusing him of focusing too much on Partygate and not enough on how the party would deal with the cost of living crisis. She apparently said Labour risks looking “out of touch” as a result. A fellow shadow cabinet source told the site “She pissed everyone off because we’ve hardly seen her in the local election campaign.”

While Nandy’s well-timed and quickly-briefed intervention hardly endeared her to Labour colleagues, it’s unsurprisingly gone down very well with Tories. Matt Vickers MP tells Guido “Lisa Nandy is absolutely right”

“Starmer has no plan or policy on the issues of the day, he is putting his personal hatred of the PM before the priorities of regular folk and they can see through it“

If Nandy plays her cards right she could be positioned for an imminent leadership challenge of both Labour and the Tories…

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Tory MP: “One of My Best Friends is a Sassy Little Bitch Called Karen”

Stockton South MP Matt Vickers in the Chamber just now as MPs debate plans to introduce fixed penalty notices for animal cruelty. One of the more unique Hansard entries…

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Guido Forks: Tory MP Levels Up Parliament’s Canteen

After an airport, a Treasury campus, an ONS campus, a BEIS campus, a free port, the country’s biggest industrial zone and constant praise from the Cabinet, one might think Teesside has had enough wins for a lifetime. Not content with levelling up the north east, Stockton MP Matt Vickers has now won a victory in SW1 – getting the region’s iconic dish, the Parmo, served in Parliament. 

Breaded chicken, smothered in béchamel sauce and topped with your week’s worth of dietary cheese allowance, no night out in Teesside is complete without one.

Vickers enjoyed a photoshoot in the Commons Terrace Cafeteria this morning with the chef, complete with a personalised chef hat. Guido’s senior reporter – a proud north easterner – popped over to Parliament this afternoon to try it out, and can confirm that while not a looker, it tasted great. The closest attempt at replicating the dish he’s found in London so far…

The dish has proved incredibly popular, with a canteen server at one point having to shout at the queue, “Is there anyone that ISN’T here for a parmo?” Fingers crossed it’s not a one time dish…

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12 Tories Vote Against Rule of 6 as Labour Councils Demand PM Rejects Curfew and Further Lockdown

Last night 12 Tory MPs and five DUP-ers broke ranks and voted against the ‘Rule of Six’, after repeated challenges to the government to prove the evidence that said the limit – and inclusion of children within the six – affected the spread of Coronavirus. The MPs in full were:

  • Peter Bone
  • Graham Brady
  • Gregory Campbell
  • Philip Davies
  • Jeffrey M Donaldson
  • Richard Drax
  • Paul Girvan
  • Philip Hollobone
  • Esther McVey
  • Huw Merriman
  • Gavin Robinson
  • Jim Shannon
  • Henry Smith
  • Desmond Swayne
  • Plus two tellers: Craig Mackinlay and Christopher Chope

If the government feels it can live with such a small rebellion, they wont have long to wait for another. New intake MP Matt Vickers rose to unlikely prominence yesterday as an opposer of the 10 pm pub curfew, telling the government to rethink its approach and later telling Julia Hartley-Brewer the policy “flies in the face” of the Eat Out to Help Out success. He’s clearly a fan of the Brewers…

The Tory rebellions come as it is reported that three city council leaders – Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle – write to the PM insisting they are not subjected to “further economic lockdowns” as well as demanding an end to the “counter-productive” 10 pm curfew and for Westminster to allow local areas to decide their own anti-COVID strategies. The key question is how Captain Hindsight Starmer respond sympathetically to these demands from his own senior regional leaders…

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Westminster’s Patient Zero?

On February 28th, Stockton South MP Matt Vickers was unable to attend a meeting with ‘Friends of the Stockton & Darlington Railway’ due to “being in voluntary quarantine after a recent visit to Thailand” – the fourth MP to self isolate over the Coronavirus outbreak. Very responsible of our public servants…

The MP’s Facebook profile, however, shows Vickers had a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce on February 19th – eight days before the 28th, and that he went for a haircut the day after he missed his meeting with Friends of the Stockton & Darlington Railway, on the 29th. Parliamentary colleagues were similarly surprised to see him turn up to work this Monday. You’re supposed to self-isolate for 14 days…

Vickers should be very careful, as Coronavirus is known to attack the old, weak and vulnerable most – so he must be wary who he interacts with over the coming days. Unfortunately, look who he was spotted posing with at last night’s Kebab Awards…

So is Vickers endangering the health of Westminster workers – or was he just desperate for an excuse not to meet his friends at the Stockton and Darlington Railway? Vickers hasn’t responded to Guido’s calls for clarification…

UPDATE: The Tories finally get in contact with Guido to clarify Vickers did come back from holiday in Thailand, and after advice from 111 was tested and found not to have Coronavirus, though missed his vital meeting with the Stockton & Darlington railway due to the testing. Guido’s praying for Corbyn’s sake that Vickers’s tests were accurate…

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