Four Welsh AMs Including Mark Reckless Defect to Brexit Party

Mark Reckless and three other Welsh AMs have formally confirmed that they are joining to the Brexit Party, after Guido revealed their imminent defections 24 hours ago. You’re either in front of Guido…

The four AMs have now given official notice to the Welsh Assembly that they are forming a Brexit Party Group in the assembly, with independents Caroline and Mandy Jones joining David Rowlands, who’s quitting UKIP, and Reckless who’s leaving the Tories again. It’s the third time he’s switched party in just five years, will it be third time lucky for Mark?

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Four Welsh Assembly Members Expected to Defect to Brexit Party Tomorrow

Guido understands that four Welsh Assembly members will be defecting to the Brexit Party tomorrow at a rally in Merthyr Tydfil, following Mark Reckless’ announcement that he has left the Conservative Group in the Assembly today. Three independents; Caroline Jones, Mandy Jones, and Mark Reckless are expected to join the Brexit Party along with UKIP AM David Rowlands. All four were originally elected as UKIP Assembly Members before the referendum. Brexit Party sources are playing down the story for now…

The defection of David Rowlands (one of the only three AMs to still sit as UKIP after seven were elected in 2016) means that the number of UKIP members in the Assembly will drop to just two, Neil Hamilton and Gareth Bennett. That takes them below the threshold to form an official group and receive resources from the assembly. Whokip?

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Tory Defections: Then and Now

The defection of the three Tory MPs to The Independents Group today has seen an outpouring of comments ranging from sadness to… sadness from their former Tory colleagues. Theresa May is “saddened”, David Cameron is “sad”, Claire Perry is “extremely sad”. All get thanks for their “dedicated service”, with the door being left open for them to return if they change their mind…

So presumably it was the same outpouring of thanks, hugs and condolences all round when Douglas Carswell and Mark Reckless left for UKIP in 2014? Don’t be silly…

David Cameron branded Reckless’s decision “senseless and counter-productive” and accused Carswell of helping Labour. Carswell was accused of “betrayal”, “petulance” and “political vanity” by Tory MPs while Reckless was even sued by his former local party. All topped off with Claire “Brexit Jihadis” Perry’s ever classy “Don’t let the door hit your fat arse as you leave”…

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Welsh Secretary Linked To Plot To Oust Welsh Tory Leader

Andrew RT Davies resigned as leader of the Welsh Conservatives in June, saying that he had learned of a plot by remain backing party colleagues in Westminster to oust him. Davies cited a text that had accidentally been sent to him by the Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns. At the time Cairns told BBC Daily Politics that:

“The text we’re talking about related to Mark Reckless and the wish in order to see him go after the local elections that were taking place at the time, not any other outcome.”

However, today the text has been revealed and clearly references the former leader of the Welsh Conservatives Nick Bourne, who now sits in the House of Lords. Mark Reckless (who had no involvement in Welsh politics before being elected as an Assembly Member in 2016) has released a statement confirming that he has “never had any dealings with Nick Bourne.”

This makes it hard for Cairns to go on claiming that the text was about ousting Reckless. If he has lied he would have to resign. Looks like Cairns has some serious questions to answer…

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Mark Reckless’ Website Taken Over By Japanese Smut

Former Kipper and Tory Welsh Assembly member Mark Reckless’s official website has transformed into a page of Japanese smut. His site, which he still lists as his official site on his Assembly member profile, now links to a purple webpage with text written in Japanese. Translated, it appears to recount various sex acts. For example now carries a link to

   “Play with big-breasted mother-in-law who does not stop”

His website was previously rather more sober. This snap from the good old days:

At least they kept the purple theme…

UPDATE: Reckless gets in touch: “I  demurred when asked for money to buy back previously, before it was made a Muslim dating site, and I suspect the amount they want has risen with its latest incarnation!”

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Reckless Quits UKIP, Joins Tory Grouping in Wales

Confirmed: Mark Reckless has quit UKIP and is joining the Tory grouping in the Welsh assembly. Statement:

You heard it here first…

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