Open Britain Compares UK Election Bill to Ukraine Invasion

Open Britain, the current vestige of the Remain campaign, has been slammed by a former employee after sending an email to supporters on comparing the invasion of Ukraine to the UK government’s Election Bill. The Thursday night email from CEO Mark Kieran said the past 24 hours had caused to delay the planned email about the Elections Bill. The email then goes on to say that Russia’s actions have caused him to reflect on the “70 largely peaceful years Europe has enjoyed since World War Two”. Negating the war in Kosovo…

Things then get worse:

Guido didn’t receive the email himself, though an outraged former senior people’s vote staffer did:

“It is utterly embarrassing that Roland Rudd’s lackey is actively comparing the British government to the Putin regime’s violent assault on Ukraine. They should hang their heads in shame.”

This is a common theme with extreme rejoiners, the complete lack of proportionality. Putin’s regime is not comparable to the democratically elected government of the UK. We should always be on our guard for our freedoms and there are some worryingly illiberal proposals coming from the government in many areas. Guido’s not convinced the people of Ukraine would agree with Mark Kieran: that mandatory ID at polling stations is akin to Putin’s attempt to bloodily end democracy in their country…

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