Mark Field Case Closed

The Cabinet Office have closed their inquiry into Mark Field over the Mansion House protester incident, the protester said she wouldn’t be pressing charges at the time so Field’s in the clear. No 10 say the issue was a matter for the previous PM and the case is now closed – because he’s been sacked from the Government. At least he’ll have more time on his hands to get to know his fellow backbenchers…

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Mark Field Protester Will Not Press Charges

The Greenpeace protester who was manhandled out of last night’s Mansion House Dinner by Mark Field has told the BBC that she will not report the MP to the police, although she did say Field should take anger management classes. She’s taken a more nuanced approach to the incident than most of the commentariat…

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Mark Field Protester Incident Needs More Nuance

The Telegraph’s Madeline Grant brought some much needed nuance to the debate surrounding the Mark Field incident this afternoon on Politics Live. Different interpretations are adding fuel to the growing culture war…

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Mark Field Suspended After Mansion House Incident

Foreign Office minister Mark Field has been suspended from his ministerial position after last night’s incident in Mansion House, the PM’s spokesman described the footage as “very concerning”. Meanwhile the City of London Corporation are investigating how the security breach happened in the first place…

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Mark Field Forces Protester Out Of Mansion House Dinner

Cities of London and Westminster MP Mark Field has faced an onslaught of criticism for the way in which he removed a protester at Mansion House last night. He has now apologised for grabbing the protestor “firmly” and referred himself to the Cabinet Office for investigation, but tells ITV’s Paul Brand:

“A major security breach occurred at the dinner I attended last night when a large number of protesters suddenly and noisily stormed into Mansion House. In the confusion many guests understandably felt threatened and when one protester rushed past me towards the top table I instinctively reacted. There was no security present and I was for a split-second genuinely worried she might have been armed.

As a result I grasped the intruder firmly in order to remove her from the room as swiftly as possible. I deeply regret this episode and unreservedly apologise to the lady concerned for grabbing her but in the current climate I felt the need to act decisively to close down the threat to the safety of those present. In view of the publicity around this incident I am referring myself to the Cabinet Office to examine whether there has been a breach of the ministerial code, and will of course cooperate fully with their investigation.”

Field was meant to be on Radio 4’s the 7.10 slot this morning but has now mysteriously been replaced by Johnny Mercer…

For what it’s worth, this was a protester who had breached security and was reportedly heading straight for the Chancellor just three years after an MP had been assassinated. Should she have been allowed to get to him..?

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Two-Faced Foreign Minister Backs Revoking Article 50

Foreign Minister Mark Field is no stranger to off-piste excursions, he spectacularly eloped from collective responsibility on Westminster Hour last night when he publicly backed revoking Article 50:

“My personal view is that I would be happy to revoke Article 50. I appreciate that is probably a minority view, but if we get to this utter paralysis — and I sincerely hope that in the next 48, 72 hours we do not — then if that becomes an option, it’s an option I personally would take.”

Field was happy to go in towards the dry side of the Tory Party when it suited him, now he’s openly breaking their trust. Right after the referendum, he wrote directly to his constituents demanding a second referendum:

“I have always had the utmost admiration for the judgement of the British people. They have now spoken, and in record numbers. There can be no question of not respecting the referendum’s result.”

He even used an interview before the 2017 General Election to stress: “I’ve made it clear that this is a non-reversible process. We are going to be out.” He is the local MP of some former Vote Leave staffers who’ve told Guido they’ll be volunteering for Corbyn’s candidate in the next election…

Guido was less surprised by Field’s dalliance after catching him openly supporting a customs union last summer. Not the first time he’s broken his vows…

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