Cat Smith’s Campaign Organiser’s Cover-Up Busted

Guido’s revelations
last week about Corbynista Labour MP Cat Smith’s mysterious election expenses exposed one of the most serious individual cases of alleged expenses fraud so far. Unlike the systematic and centrally focused allegations surrounding the SNP’s chopper, or Labour and the Tories‘ national battle bus spends, Cat Smith’s returns represent an individual candidate conspiring to conceal a series of overspends in a closely fought marginal constituency. If found guilty Smith personally, not a party machine, will bear the responsibility

One of the key false declarations made by Smith is that her campaign organiser, Ben Singleton, spent just 12.5% (around four and a half days) of the short campaign working for her, allowing her to deduct 87.5% of his salary costs off her final election expenses declaration. Guido has already uncovered substantial evidence demonstrating that Singleton worked far more than this on her election campaign. Now, after an extensive search, Smith’s 12.5% claim looks even less credible…

Singleton realised Guido was investigating him and guiltily deleted his Twitter feed from public view – so we found alternative evidence sources. Pictures uncovered from a series of third-party social media posts show Singleton present on Smith’s campaign for at least 10 different days during the short campaign, which lasted just 39 days between March 30 and May 7. It is hard to find an event of hers in which he wasn’t involved. Several social media posts (including Singleton himself registering as attending two of Smith’s campaign events) show that the organiser was more involved than Smith has previously claimed. One of those events was a pro-Cat Smith rally featuring Eddie Izzard, also undeclared…

Making false declarations is a criminal offence, it could lead to her election being invalidated and Cat Smith going to prison. The evidence photos show Singleton alongside Labour grandees Tristram Hunt MP, Maria Eagle MP, and Theresa Griffin MEP. Will they be willing to testify on Comrade Smith’s behalf?

More to follow…

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Labour’s New “London-Based” Biz Tsar Actually Lives in LA


Meet Anthony Watson, the flamboyant, sharply-dressed former Nike boss who has just been recruited by Angela Eagle as Labour’s new “we’re not anti-business, honest” tsar. Coincidentally this is just after donating £10,000 to Angela Eagle’s deputy leadership campaign. The FT reports that Watson will meet with Labour representatives quarterly to “help recalibrate Labour’s relationship with the business community”. While his company Uphold is based in South Carolina, the briefing stresses that Watson is “based in London”. Which is odd, because according to his Facebook profile he lives in L.A.

No wonder he is only available to meet quarterly. You’d have thought Labour would have learned their lesson from these US-based advisers who jet in, send a tweet, and then fly back to the States…

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