Hillary Clinton Claims Thatcher Wasn’t a “Gutsy” Woman

While promoting her book of ‘gutsy women’ on Radio 5 Live, Emma Barnet asked the former presidential candidate why Thatcher hadn’t been included. Smacks of jealousy…

Hillary replied:

“she doesn’t fit the other part of the definition in our opinion, which really is knocking down barriers for others, and trying to make a positive difference… what were the positive differences, the changes that this person made, that really opened doors to more – that wasn’t that apparent”

An odd thing to say about the first women Prime Minister of a major advanced economy, that opened the door to second woman Prime Minister…

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Labour Hosting Sinn Fein MP Who Backed IRA, at Hotel They Blew Up

A Sinn Fein MP who named his constituency office after IRA terrorists has been invited to speak at a Labour fringe event. That alone is bad enough, to add insult to injury the event is being held in the very hotel the IRA bombed in 1984, in an attempt to assassinate Margaret Thatcher. This is Corbyn’s Labour Party…

Chris Hazzard MP, making his appearance at the Grand Hotel on Tuesday, made headlines in 2018 after winning his seat the year before, by saying it was “absolutely fitting” that both his office and the local Sinn Fein branch were named after Peter McNulty – who died in a premature bomb explosion in 1972 – and Paul Magorrian – who was killed by the British army in 1994. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of Labour’s latest plan to remove Boris from office…

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Did Philip May Buy Maggie’s Bracelet?

When leaving Downing Street for the last time, Theresa May wore a bracelet remarkably similar to one favoured by Margaret Thatcher, which was sold at auction to a mystery buyer two months ago for the princely sum of £40,000. Thatcher wore her bracelet on her first day in office in 1979, as well as when she met world leaders like Gorbachev and Mandela. If only May had copied the policies as well as the jewellery…

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Thatcher Voted UK’s Greatest Prime Minister Again

There’s some more bad news for Jeremy Corbyn to digest as he chews through his porridge this morning, the British public has chosen his arch-nemesis Margaret Thatcher as the UK’s greatest Prime Minister on the 40th anniversary of her taking power.

Thatcher took 21% in the poll of post-war Prime Ministers, beating Churchill on 19% and miles ahead of the rest of the competition. There were just enough diehard Blairites left to get Tony Blair into third place with 6% of the vote. Will the ChUKas even manage to match this in the EU elections?

The country doesn’t agree with the plethora of (Remoaner) historians who’ve been queuing up to brand Cameron the worst Prime Minister in history, 2% still carry the torch for DC. There’s no such consolation for Theresa May bringing up the rear on nul points…

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Womens’ Advance in Politics

Guido has crunched the numbers for International Women’s Day, looking at the historic dataset for British Prime Minister’s stretching back to Walpole. Despite the brocialists claims to be the party to advance the status of women, they have never in all their history elected a woman leader, in fact in every Labour Party leadership election women candidates have always got the least votes from the brocialist membership. In every single Labour leadership election, ever.

Nor have the Liberal Democrats or their Liberal Party predecessor’s had a women leader. It is quite something to think that every woman Tory leader has become PM and every woman Labour leadership candidate has got the least votes from the Labour Party membership. Happy International Women’s Day!

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Osborne Twists the Knife

The Evening Standard’s front page this afternoon echoes Margaret Thatcher’s famous words said on the steps of Downing Street the day after she won the support of 55% of Conservative MPs in November 1990’s confidence vote:

She resigned seven days later…

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