Makaziwe Mandela Blames ANC

Makaziwe Mandela tells Trevor Phillips…

“I would say all of it is actually the responsibility of the ANC. The ANC seems to have forgotten why it came into power. It came into power mainly because it wanted to improve the conditions and lives of black people who had been impoverished and their dignity taken away by the apartheid regime. Political freedom was never enough, my father knew it, they knew it and we cannot leave the economy that supported apartheid to be intact because there is no way therefore to address the iniquities of the past and address the conditions of the poor. If you look at the conditions of the poor in South Africa, who are mainly black, it has not improved. It is still the same, it has not improved. Simple things like providing adequate housing, water, clean surfaces, has been something that this government has failed actually our people in terms of delivering. So what is happening right now is squarely in their hands.”

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