Mid-Life Crisis Bob Used David Cameron as Date Bait for Young Conservative Activist

Newly elected MP Bob Roberts’ relationship with the Young Conservative group ‘Blue Beyond’ has not gone unnoticed, constantly chatting with their young activists on Twitter and making multiple appearances in their lockdown Zoom quizzes. He recently ‘accidentally‘ Tweeted that one of their first-year university members was his “Twitter crush“…

Bob Roberts secured an impressive politico-celebrity endorsement for Blue Beyond from David Cameron, who recorded a video praising the group and its founder Luke Black:

Bob didn’t just rope Dave in for the good of the activists. Guido has seen messages from 40-year-old Bob bragging that his efforts to get David Cameron’s endorsement were a quid pro quo to get closer to Blue Beyond’s founder, 27-year-old Luke Robert Black; telling another young activist in reference to the Cameron video he’d organised:

I had an idea. So I got in touch with [David Cameron] this morning… I’m basically going to get to the point of – “look, I’ve done some lovely things and you keep saying how lovely I’ve been – let’s commit to going out at least 4 times… I deserve at least that”

Guido imagines Cameron won’t thank Bob Roberts for using him as bait to get a date…

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