Loony Labour Candidate’s 15 Second EU-Turn

Well at least the voters of Stockton South know what their are getting from their painfully inept Labour candidate.

Louise Baldock impressively managed to screech into a u-turn on Europe in the space of 15 seconds on Newsnight last night:

“I think it’s quite difficult not being able to offer a referendum on Europe because people are very keen on democracy…

I think we’ve got the right policy. I do really think that. You can’t just have an arbitrary referendum whenever people want them. But it’s a difficult message to get across.”

Spot the moment of fear in her eyes when she realises she has deviated massively from the party line…

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Labour Nonce Whitewashes Candidate’s Wikipedia Page


Last year, Labour candidate Louise Baldock said she would no longer enlist the support of a schoolteacher banned for life after having sexual relations with a 14 year old boy. Andrew Duffell was found guilty of “unacceptable professional conduct” and bringing his profession “into disrepute” after engaging in a sex act with the child in a Teesside field. But Baldock washing her hands of Duffell hasn’t stopped him from whitewashing negative stories from her Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia’s records show that an account based in Baldock’s constituency named ‘Andrewww2015’ has been removing unflattering information about her. ‘Andrewww2015’ was until recently called ‘Andrew Duffell’. And the ‘Andrewww2015’ username is the same as that used by Duffell on other social media accounts.

He has used the account in the last few weeks to remove unflattering information about Baldock, including that she had received money from Tony Blair:

And edited references to Baldock winning her selection after being on an all-women shortlist.

Baldock insists “the most he ever did was deliver a few leaflets” and he “has no association with me or my campaign”. At least ContribSX wasn’t a paedo…

UPDATE 21 January, 2016: Andrew Duffell has put in a copyright claim for a selfie picture (now removed) showing him without a top. His weedy skinny frame is the least thing of which he should be ashamed…

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