Ofcom Chair Nominee Michael Grade Spells Out Anti-Woke Credentials

FBPEers, brace yourself: former BBC chief and current Ofcom chair nominee Lord Grade used a select committee appearance this morning to profess he “admires the courage” of actor-turned-politico Laurence Fox for speaking out on political issues. Appearing in front of the DCMS Committee following his nomination, Grade expressed his admiration for Fox’s anti-woke campaigning, albeit with the inevitable caveat that he doesn’t “necessarily agree with [it]”. The SNP’s John Nicolson was predictably aghast…

Grade: “I admire his courage in speaking out, and contributing to the debate. I don’t necessarily agree with what he says, but I admire his courage in speaking out.”

Nicolson: “I find it depressing that you think Laurence Fox is a voice for us, he’s certainly not a voice for me, I don’t think he’s a voice for many people… you mention the woke brigade, which is a recurring theme in many of your comments… 

Grade: “The future of Ofcom is about leaving one single person’s opinion… whether it’s my opinion or a member of the executive board…will contribute to the debate, but one voice is not powerful within Ofcom, nor should it ever be.”

Like Fox or not, it’s refreshing to see Grade publicly back freedom of expression. The last thing Ofcom needs is an activist chair wading in to force their own elitist liberal politics onto viewers…

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Hundreds of Jews Protest Outside BBC Over “Shoddy Journalism”

Lord Grade, a former Chairman of the BBC, described the BBC’s reporting as “shoddy journalism”, and called for answers in a video supporting the protest. Dame Maureen Lipman encouraged people to attend “Because you care, and you will be demonstrating against my often-times employer asking for parity with other victims of racism, prejudice and abuse.” At the rally, Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, said to the crowd: “We don’t want to be here, but we have to be here, because we have to say: ‘BBC News, stop blaming Jews’.” He added: “We see no evidence for the BBC’s claim, which is a distraction from the real story, which is that Jewish teenagers were prevented by racist thugs from celebrating Chanukah.”

The rally was prompted by the BBC’s coverage of an antisemitic incident on Oxford Street over Chanukah, when a group of Jewish teenagers celebrating the festival were accosted by racist thugs who forced them back onto their bus and began hitting the vehicle with their hands and then their shoes, spitting on it, trying to break windows and performing Nazi salutes, as well as shouting antisemitic insults and swearing. The BBC reported on its website that the explicit expressions of antisemitism evident in the video were mere “allegations”, and simultaneously claimed — alone among all media outlets — that “some racial slurs about Muslims can also be heard from inside the bus,” an assertion made with no evidence to support it.  It is fair to say people are angry…

UPDATE: A BBC spokesperson gets in touch:

“Anti-Semitism is abhorrent. We strive to serve the Jewish community, and all communities across our country, fairly. Our story was a factual report that overwhelmingly focused on the individuals the police want to identify; those who directed abuse at the bus. In the eighth paragraph of our news article, there was a brief reference to a slur, captured in a video recording, that appeared to come from the bus. It has been claimed what we considered to be an abusive term in English was in fact someone speaking in Hebrew. We have consulted a number of Hebrew speakers in determining that the slur was spoken in English. The brief reference to the slur was included so the fullest account of the incident was reported.”  

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Former BBC Chairman: Dropping Rule Britannia Lyrics is “Too Woke to be Believable”

Lord Grade, Chairman of the BBC from 2004 to 2006, has told TalkRADIO the decision to drop the lyrics of Rule, Britannia from the upcoming Last Night of the Proms is “too woke to be believable” and is symptomatic of a top leadership that is “out of touch with their core audience”. Perhaps after a decade and a half away from the corporation, Tony Hall will come to realise the same thing…

Lord Grade also spoke out against the current BBC funding settlement, saying “it’s time for the BBC to have a serious look at itself in the digital world” adding “an ever increasing licence fee won’t wash going forward.”

Grade doubled down arguing against the BBC’s suicidal status quo saying the appointment process for the next chairman must be more competitive and mustn’t result in someone who will “be captured by the status quo merchants at the BBC”. Reminder that Nicky Morgan is the current front runner…

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Former ITV Chairman Accuses GMB of Arrogance

Former BBC and ITV Chairman Lord Grade disappointed GMB presenters this morning when refusing to pander to their outrage over the Government’s boycott of the programme. As the number of days without a government spokesperson on the show hits 65, presenters Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh asked Grade if he would have tolerated the boycott during his ITV tenure, and whether the Government have a “duty” to appear on the show. The knock on effect appears to be viewers joining the GMB boycott

Lord Grade caused faces to drop when he accused the presenters of “arrogance” in thinking they have the right of access to senior ministers, and that it’s up to the show to win the government’s confidence again – which must be done via “quiet diplomacy“. Which seems a better idea than rants on Piers Morgan’s Twitter account…

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Thought Crimes at the BBC


Something rather sinister about this from Labour’s Lord Lyons.

BBC bosses are meant to put their personal political beliefs aside.

Presumably it would have been alright if Grade had been a secret socialist?

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